Sunday, 2/17/08, AKA TeaDay

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

What tea do you want to try next?

Japanese Green
Chinese Green
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Black from a country I have not tried
A special flavored tea I have been watching
Yerba Maté
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An herbal I have wanted to try
Other...(I can't name them all :)
Late entry...Yellow Tea
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Feb 17th, '08, 19:03
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by horsencl » Feb 17th, '08, 19:03

Today I was drinking Godaldhara Estate Darjeeling Green Tea from Janam ... key=&id=11

The next tea I want to try is the chocolate teas from Mighty Leaf

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Feb 17th, '08, 19:34
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by JT » Feb 17th, '08, 19:34

I'm on a quest to find some Korean Green tea next. I found a few sources for Hankook tea, but none offer the Jakseol Ujeon Gamro which is listed as first picked green tea. I guess I'll have to settle for some of the Gamnong (April harvest) or the Teuk Seon (May). If anyone knows of some places to get Korean green tea, let me know.

Today I had some Tamaryokucha, Silver needle, and I just finished off the last crumbs of my Yutaka Midori.

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Feb 17th, '08, 20:01
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Feb 17th, '08, 20:01

The second tea for the day was guricha. After 4 steeps of that, I made a pot of Valentines tea to share with my grandmother, who likes sweet teas. It was great to enjoy tea with someone for once.

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Feb 17th, '08, 20:47
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by tenuki » Feb 17th, '08, 20:47

Sencha Premium from Adagio. very nice.

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Feb 17th, '08, 20:53
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by RussianSoul » Feb 17th, '08, 20:53

Sencha Fuka-midori from Den's. My first Sencha. I like it enough, but not quite. A little too bitter. But I think I like Sencha in general. Now I have to find the one to fall in love with.

Feb 17th, '08, 21:05
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by teaisgood » Feb 17th, '08, 21:05

Chip, how does you LJ leaves look like? one bud to one leaf and bud slightly longer?

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Feb 17th, '08, 21:23
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by Chip » Feb 17th, '08, 21:23

teaisgood wrote:Chip, how does you LJ leaves look like? one bud to one leaf and bud slightly longer?
The leaf set consist of the bud and 1-2 leaves, relatively smallish, but not the smallest I have seen...and certainly not the largest either. I would say a prime example of a first flush. When picked too early, and the leaf is sooo small, it can be too light for me. The color is perfect, pale yellowish green, no brownish...

I am on my 3rd steep of Kabuse Cha from Uji prefecture, really good kabuse cha.

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Feb 17th, '08, 21:24
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 17th, '08, 21:24

Had some maki from Den's today. Good stuff, but I can't wait to try hatsumi and tamaryokucha from o-cha. :)

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Feb 17th, '08, 22:21
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by TimeforTea » Feb 17th, '08, 22:21

I had my first Japanese sencha today!! It was from a company called "Harney and Sons". I really enjoyed it a lot. I could see sencha becoming a regular tea for me.

Ending the night now with a soothing peppermint tisane.

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Feb 17th, '08, 23:21
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by Space Samurai » Feb 17th, '08, 23:21

Today I had four more bowls of chiyo mukashi, finishing it off. Matcha isn't turning out to be the best morning tea; my body seams to react more to the theanine than the caffiene. After 3-4 bowls I'm alert, by I'm also very ready to take a nap.

We had some new teas come into the store from the E&A Tea Company. Its teabags, but this fukamushicha is surprisingly good. I think I'll try the houjicha in a bit.

The next tea I have my eye on, which I am buying right now, is the fukamushi spreme from O-cha.

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Feb 17th, '08, 23:57
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by Wesli » Feb 17th, '08, 23:57

Got home and made more tamaryokucha, then moved on to 05 ming-yuan hao sheng which is a very nice one, and I just finished a session of the 05 Ninjian Phoenix shu hop sent me.

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Feb 18th, '08, 00:02
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Feb 18th, '08, 00:02

It is 11:57 pm, so it is still Sunday (teaday)! I am finishing up the evening with a second steep of Silver Needles from an unknown source, of which I still need to find out (got it as a gift at Christmas). The tea is real nice, but only holds up well for 2 infusions.........I peeled away the gift tag on the outside of the tin and it says $9.99. That was for 2oz., so it cant be that great of quality, but still, for 10 bucks and a nice steep for two infusions you cant go wrong.....and it was a gift, so you cant go wrong there either! Anyway, I hope you all have a great night and are ready to start your Mondays with a nice cup of your favorite tea!

-Nick (TaiPing)

Feb 18th, '08, 00:55
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by tealicious » Feb 18th, '08, 00:55

Pu-erh sounds divine.

today i had my first cup of organic rooibos tea, not really my fave though. I think I disliked the fruitiness of it. Also had some thai iced tea at a restaurant :)

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Feb 18th, '08, 01:00
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by skywarrior » Feb 18th, '08, 01:00

Home, home at last. Got my tea from Adagio. Tried some cocomint Rooibos and settled into some valentines for the night.

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Feb 18th, '08, 04:40
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by Chip » Feb 18th, '08, 04:40

A little late for this...but great TeaDay as always!!!