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Feb 15th, '08, 22:39
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greetings from the great white north.

by B-Jammin » Feb 15th, '08, 22:39

Ontario is hardly the great white north, but hello. I've liked tea for quite awhile but never have been to this site before. I haven't really been obsessed with tea but after having surgery last fall, coffee and coke arn't as good anymore. Tea seems to make me feel healthier and I like it alot more now. The local english style tea shop is really good and i get most of my tea there but I watch this show called Diggnation and they have some blends that the hosts made here so I thought I'de give it a try. As for favourites, I really like sencha and golden monkey. If you have any reccomendatins let me know!

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Feb 16th, '08, 00:40
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by Wesli » Feb 16th, '08, 00:40

Greetings from the great green west.

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Feb 17th, '08, 02:04
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by osadczuk » Feb 17th, '08, 02:04

... and from the great wet midwest.

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Feb 17th, '08, 02:06
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by Sam. » Feb 17th, '08, 02:06

Greeting from the great white and grey, French northeast. :?

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Feb 18th, '08, 05:06
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by Chip » Feb 18th, '08, 05:06

Welcome to TeaChat B-Jammin.

Hope you stick around and share what is in your cup under TeaDay. Take the daily poll while you are there as well

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Feb 19th, '08, 16:28
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by twistedinside » Feb 19th, '08, 16:28

Oh, here I thought there was someone else from Alaska that has found the joys of teachat! But, hey, close enough! *grins*

Welcome aboard!

Mar 5th, '08, 00:47
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by daddoo_ak » Mar 5th, '08, 00:47

Hey twisted I am new to this forum but a longtime Alaskan (since '94), and a tea drinker

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Mar 5th, '08, 08:58
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by hop_goblin » Mar 5th, '08, 08:58

Welcome to Tea Chat! I am sure you will enjoy your invested time!

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