Wood fired ceramics from Taiwanese pottery

Artisans share their Teaware Art.

Feb 24th 17 2:48 pm
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Re: Wood fired ceramics from Taiwanese pottery

by ethan » Feb 24th 17 2:48 pm

[/quote wrote: Expensive is relative. Wood firing is an arduous and difficult process, each firing there are pieces damaged, the outcome is quite unpredictable - which is also the charm of it. Not to mention that the general work of a potter involves a lot of hard work.
I agree. Expensive does not always mean overpriced for me.

I did see that there are artisans who sell their wood-fired work for < than Peter does; so, for me he is expensive in relation to their prices. I cannot afford work from any of them now; perhaps it's just "sour grapes" feeling for me. More importantly, Bok, is what you wrote earlier about the feel of a special side-handled pot that is light-weight. It's just a pleasure to use. In a week I'll be in Boston & able to try my new pot w/ all of my tea & hope & expect it works well w/ all & especially well w/ some of the teas.