Green Tea Ice Cream

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Oct 12th, '05, 02:13
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Re: Green Tea Ice Cream

by cherryking » Oct 12th, '05, 02:13

I drank organic green tea powder yesterday, I drank green tea, and you ate green tea icecream. there are two kinds of water form, but substance is same, THE GREEN TEA. :D
I know that this eating way of green tea is very popular in Japan.

Cheers! :P


Oct 12th, '05, 16:52
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by Tracy » Oct 12th, '05, 16:52

Hi Lady Arden!
Most green tea ice creams are made with matcha, and the same goes for your green tea (cough!) Frapp.

The good news is that matcha is the healthiest tea you can drink (actually, eat), because you ingest the whole leaf. You can make these recipes at home very easily if you've got some decent matcha around. Decent, true matcha is very labor intensive to make, and thus is more expensive than most teas (except for most of my oolong stash), but the grade you need for ice cream and drinks is not as cost prohibitive as the ceremonial grades.

Usually, when I get a craving for green tea ice cream, I'll just mix a couple of teaspoons into a high-grade vanilla ice cream. My kids love it. Matcha smoothies are a hit too.

Feel free to email me at or go to our website and download our catalog at if you'd like to learn more about matcha and see our selection.

Oct 12th, '05, 17:04
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by Tracy » Oct 12th, '05, 17:04

You're very welcome! Matcha is my all-time favorite green tea; I've been drinking it for about 15 years and love everything about it! :D

Oct 12th, '05, 17:27
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by Tracy » Oct 12th, '05, 17:27

They vary between an ounce and half-ounce, depending on the type of tea. They are the exact same ones that Adagio uses for their sample tins. Hope that helps!

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Oct 15th, '05, 22:10
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by PeteVu » Oct 15th, '05, 22:10

college life is strangely difficult sometimes. I had tea and sushi last night with a couple friends... i ran out of my bottled water, and getting to a grocery store takes half an hour, so i had to make tea using the water fountain. someone checked out the cutting board from the front desk, so i used my beautiful santoku to cut a thick piece of salmon on a cookie sheet. after eating we went straight to a party, which means i forgot about the raw fish in my garbage can. in the end though, it was worth it. ^^

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