Yerba Mate Alternative

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Mar 16th 17 8:44 pm
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Yerba Mate Alternative

by LeighAnnMoltz » Mar 16th 17 8:44 pm

Hey, Tea-brains!!

I need some help. I've done so much research and gotten nowhere.

My stepmother is ADDICTED to her yerba mate tea. She loves it and has for many, many years. She was diagnosed with aFib about a month ago though and told to cut caffeine from her diet ..... she's basically climbing the walls at this point. She cannot find a decent, caffeine free alternative and I don't even know where to begin in finding a comparable tea.

Yes, I realize that yerba mate is "caffeine free" but it has all the naturally occurring nutrients that give the same effect as caffeine ..... including the effect it has on her heart rate. So for my points and purposes, that's not a caffeine free tea.

Any suggestions from the veterans out there?

Thanks for your help!
Leigh Ann

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Mar 16th 17 9:18 pm
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Re: Yerba Mate Alternative

by victoria3 » Mar 16th 17 9:18 pm

She might try Pau d'Arco, from the inner bark of a Brazilian tree. It is initially bitter but easy to develop a taste for, also very good for health overall.

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Apr 6th 17 7:23 pm
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Re: Yerba Mate Alternative

by Emily@Adagio » Apr 6th 17 7:23 pm

I've moved this post to the "Herbal Teas" topic area where it might receive a better response :D

Apr 11th 17 10:47 pm
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Re: Yerba Mate Alternative

by Groucho » Apr 11th 17 10:47 pm

Roasted grain instant coffee substitutes?

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