How to blend loose leaf tea

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Apr 14th 17 3:48 pm
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How to blend loose leaf tea

by Ninawska » Apr 14th 17 3:48 pm

I'm very new to this DIY tea making stuff.....I have 9 different ingredients, but NO idea how to blend them or steep them. I'd like a little help, if you will. The 9 ingredients I have are:
  • Peppermint Leaf
    Basil Leaf
    Raspberry Leaf
    Birch Leaf
    Ginger Root
    Devil's Claw Root
    Lemon Peel
    Frankincense Resin Powder
Thanks in advanced!

Apr 20th 17 12:58 pm
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Re: How to blend loose leaf tea

by TeBrecwast » Apr 20th 17 12:58 pm

Hey, I noticed that you have a variety of flavors that will most likely blend well; this is probably because you chose flavors that are already favorite tastes of yours. The fruits almost always blend well (in my personal experience) together because of the citrus. Lavender can pair well with most here, though I have not tasted Devil's Claw Root. Have you experimented with any blends on your own yet, and what do you use as a base? The base of the tea will set the "tone" of your tea (sweat, earthy, mild etc...). I’d say trust your pallet and use an online recipe for ratios, there are also places online that sell blends, so if you search your ingredients you may get tips on how and what to pair together based on other people’s recipes Good luck!