Coconut flavored tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Jan 22nd 14 2:27 am
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Coconut flavored tea

by ClarG » Jan 22nd 14 2:27 am

Does anyone here like coconut flavored tea? For Christmas I received a black Assam tea that's coconut flavored from the NM tea co. and it's very good either plain or with panela (unrefined whole cane sugar used in Southwest United States, Mexico, and other central and south American countries) and milk.

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Jan 23rd 14 12:45 am
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by yalokinh » Jan 23rd 14 12:45 am

never tired coconut flavored tea, although I have enjoyed putting coconut milk in my coffee

Jan 27th 14 5:21 pm
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by ShanghaiRed » Jan 27th 14 5:21 pm

I have tried the Adagio coconut tea and do not care for it.

Jun 23rd 14 2:51 pm
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by Tranquilitea » Jun 23rd 14 2:51 pm

Hello :)

I have also tried the coconut tea by Adagio. I would love to love it. The flavor just isn't strong enough for my taste. I cannot drink coffee or milk.

Here's my experience with it:

Black tea, steep 3 minutes at boiling. Has little flaky bits in it of coconut. I added two small pinches of cane sugar since I'm giving my gut a rest from the stevia. I used tap water (as I have been since starting tea due to lack of bottled water). The flavor seems very pale and watered down while warm. The coconut taste is exceptionally mild and very barely present at the back of the tongue. The scent in the pouch is very strong.
Tasting it cold, it is markedly more coconutty yet still tart, and somewhat enjoyable. 3/5.

Try 2: Steeped 3-4 minutes at boiling, 1 tablespoon to try to boost flavor (works with the fruit tea above). Used lots of cane sugar. The flavor was disgusting and bitter- I had to throw it out. Sad.. I don't think there's a way to redeem this. 1/5.

Try 2 edit: Ironically, with NO sugar whatsoever, straight from the teapot left sitting for a few hours, it's edible. Maybe the secret is to let it get down to room temperature and use no sugar. Even so... 2/5.

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Dec 28th 15 9:51 am
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by john.b » Dec 28th 15 9:51 am

I just tried a coconut flavored tea. I don't drink flavored tea, and I'd never even heard of coconut flavored tea, but a vendor sent a sample. It was from an Assamica type (var.) plant, a green tea from Thailand, from Monsoon teas (a Thai tea shop). It wasn't bad; tasted like toasted coconut. I think if I liked flavored teas it would have rung a bell more, but still ok as it was.

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Apr 21st 17 10:14 pm
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by LooseLeafTeaMarket01 » Apr 21st 17 10:14 pm

I love coconut...but only if there's chocolate too!

We make a Coconut Cocoa Oolong that people seem to enjoy.

Plus the cocoa adds lots of anti-oxidants and healthy fats to the blend so its nice and creamy and good for you!

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May 19th 17 7:49 am
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Re: Coconut flavored tea

by ginagreen » May 19th 17 7:49 am

I have never drunk such type of tea, you are so lucky to try the rare drink, I would like to have a try to it.