How do golden flowers form in black tea?

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May 20th 17 2:00 am
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How do golden flowers form in black tea?

by RookieCookie » May 20th 17 2:00 am

I'm interested in how "golden flowers" form in black tea.
From what I've observed, they form in some black teas such as Liubao and Anhua bricks, even occasionally other tea (For example, in one of the local tea merchants I visit in Singapore, the shopkeeper told me over some puerh that golden flowers had formed in some of the aged Da Hong Pao cakes they sell. Observing an opened cake, there were the yellow specks on the cake.).
Searching on some online articles, I found these definitions on Baidu for it:
冠突散囊菌(Eurotium cristatum)----俗称“金花”:属于散囊菌目发菌科散囊菌属的一种真菌,可生长在土壤、茯砖茶、冬虫夏草、中药片、沉香、木屑等基物上。该种分布于中国、南非、以色列、瑞士、英国、美国等地。冠突散囊菌是小冠曲霉(Aspergilus cristatellus)的有性型。

Eurotium cristatum ----commonly known as “golden flowers”:A fungus belonging to the scientific classification Eurotiales,it may grow on soil, Fu Zhuan, cordyceps, TCM ingredients, Jinko, wood et cetera. The species is distributed within countries such as China, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, England, America. Eurotium cristatum is the teleomorph of Aspergilus cristatellus.
Eurotium cristatum, a natural probiotic, is formed within Fu Zhuan under specific warmth and humidity conditions through the art of "blooming flowers", commonly known as "golden flowers".

In the article itself, there seems to be no particular mention or section of under what conditions the golden flowers form.

I was wondering if any of you on this forum knows better and could tell me under what conditions these form and if you have tea in personal collection that have formed these golden flowers, what are your storage conditions?


May 20th 17 2:25 am
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Re: How do golden flowers form in black tea?

by Muel » May 20th 17 2:25 am

I heard of this natural probiotics as well, I know it is good for control cholesterol, blood glucose , blood lipids.

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