Turkish tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Jan 17th 06 12:30 am
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Turkish tea

by Mina » Jan 17th 06 12:30 am

I tried Turkish tea for the first time today. Reminds me of Lapsong Souchong but without the smoked bacon flavor. This is a good thing. Where does Turkish tea stand in the hierarchy of black teas?

Jan 18th 06 4:04 am
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by Mina » Jan 18th 06 4:04 am

By hierarchy I mean value. Based on the global market, I suppose. Like, at a tea auction, would Turkish tea (in general, I'm sure it varies by estate) fetch more than, less than, or the same as Darjeeling/Assam/Ceylon/Keemum/etc.

Teaclass is interesting for someone brewing the first pot or two but doesn't go into much detail beyond the basics.

Nov 13th 18 8:45 pm
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Re: Turkish tea

by RedTrudy » Nov 13th 18 8:45 pm

Depends what you mean by Turkish tea. There are two types of Turkish tea. Tea grown in Turkey, of which I know very little. I had it once about 10 years ago from the Covent Garden Tea house (https://www.theteahouseltd.com/). It reminded me a bit of a low quality Chinese black tea.
And there is also tea drunk in the Turkish way. In Britain when you go into a Turkish Restaurant and order Turkish tea, you never get tea from Turkey, but you get a low grade broken Ceylon tea brewed very strong in a Samovar and sweetened with lumps of sugar. Tea is drunk from small tea glasses.