Malty tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Dec 19th 18 3:32 am
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Malty tea

by muqa » Dec 19th 18 3:32 am

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good Assam tea, is there any natural or artificial flavor to make tea taste malty

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Jan 15th 19 11:17 pm
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Re: Malty tea

by chapka » Jan 15th 19 11:17 pm

Have you tried malt?

Not being sarcastic--if you like malty flavor, get some malted barley from a homebrew shop. Experiment based on what character you're looking for. Your options are:

A neutral base malt like pale ale malt;
A more flavorful base malt like Munich or Vienna malt;
A crystal or caramel malt, which should give a sweeter character
A roasted malt, like crystal, caramel, or Special B, which will give a lot of flavor
A roasted barley, which will give a coffee-like roasted note more than a malt character.

Start by putting a few grains in your infuser with your tea, and see if you notice a difference. Some herbal "dessert" teas use malted or roasted barley as a base flavor.

Or, as another option, any homebrew supply store can sell you dry malt extract (DME), which is a water-soluble powder made from mashed malted barley. It will sweeten your tea as well as giving it a malty flavor, so if you don't take sugar it's probably more than you're looking for. But it has the advantage of being less bulky, easier to store and generally useful in the kitchen (you can also boil bagels in it for an authentic flavor without the need for lye).