(Anyone) in Beijing? Good tea sellers tips?

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Mar 16th 16 5:17 am
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(Anyone) in Beijing? Good tea sellers tips?

by Maertin » Mar 16th 16 5:17 am

Hello everyone,

I'm in Beijing for March and April and I'm looking for good places to buy tea. So far I tried few smaller markets and the Maliandao street, but without speaking proper Chinese, it's rather random in terms of what one can get hands on... I want to be especially ready for the second week of April, when I hope to buy some fresh green teas from the first harvest.

Eventual tips for good places to try my luck would be also welcome!
Some to start with I take form here: http://blog.tranquiltuesdays.com/post/8 ... et-chances


Apr 22nd 19 2:17 pm
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Re: (Anyone) in Beijing? Good tea sellers tips?

by st0ny3mu » Apr 22nd 19 2:17 pm

when I was in Beijing my local friend took me to the tea market you have already mentioned where I got some of the best tea I’ve ever had. We also went to Yandai Xiejie where they had some pretty good tea shops. Having my friend with me to translate, all the sellers assumes I was some rich foreigner so they always broke out the best teas they had first as samples. Good times were had.

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