Tea Vendors on TeaChat

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Mar 27th 20 6:20 pm
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Tea Vendors on TeaChat

by Bridgette » Mar 27th 20 6:20 pm

[Please note, this topic will be posted throughout the forum for maximum exposure. All the topics will be locked.

It has always been "proper" for members to post about vendors they use and have no affiliation.

However, anyone who has been around the forum for a while will know that historically TeaChat membership has had an aversion to vendors spamming their beloved TeaChat. However, this has not stopped vendors from spamming the forum.

Often spam is guised in the form of false testimonials and the like. Sometimes it was a brazen first post (or first 20 posts) proclamation with total disregard of the forum's clearly stated rules.

There is a place for advertising, but anywhere on TeaChat is simply not allowed. This rule is strictly enforced for a number of years with countless bannings and post deletions.

Identifying our "vendor members" has been requested on the forum. This sounds like an excellent idea, but it requires a good deal of work and honesty from members to identify all.

I would request any member who sells tea, teaware, etc. to contact me via email at teachat@adagio.com or PM me. Also, members are encouraged to point out vendor members which will then be verified before tagging.

Please reach out to me at teachat@adagio.com or PM me if you happen to see spamming around the forum that I have missed!
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