Getting back into tea

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May 11th 20 12:31 am
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Getting back into tea

by VoGerbits » May 11th 20 12:31 am

Hi everyone! I'm a graduate student in Providence, RI. Female, late 20s, she/her pronouns. I used to drink a lot of bagged tea when I was a kid (Constant Comment was my jam) and graduated to loose leaf tea in my late teens/early 20s, but I lost touch with it a few years ago when Teavana closed. Partially due to quarantine-induced boredom, I'm getting back into it. I forgot how relaxed tea makes me feel, which is great for easing the stress and anxiety that goes hand-in-hand with my grad program, while still providing the energy boost I need. I'm considering making the switch from coffee to tea entirely.

My favorites are masala chai, green jasmine pearls, and peppermint, but I'm excited to try new ones! I drink my tea straight (no milk or sugar). I like drinking at home with a partner or friend(s), but I also love the tearoom experience. There's a tea & crepes place in a nearby suburb that I adore, and there's also a Moroccan cafe that I used to frequent, but unfortunately I can no longer go to the latter because it isn't wheelchair accessible. I just did a big order from Adagio (aforementioned favorites + the Spring Tea sampler), and I'm waiting on a three-pack of Moroccan Mint, English Breakfast, and Masala Chai from Golden Moon. Not sure what my next purchase will be...anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading this far, have a great one and stay safe! <3

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May 11th 20 3:09 pm
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Re: Getting back into tea

by Bridgette » May 11th 20 3:09 pm

Hey VoGerbits, welcome to TeaChat!

Really looking forward to see your posts around the forum with your unique perspective :)
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