Jasmine Downey pearl

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Aug 20th 21 1:09 am
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Jasmine Downey pearl

by Happyspacedude » Aug 20th 21 1:09 am

Awhile back ago a friend turned me on to Jasmine Downey Pearl Tea as a tea that not only gives you energy but it allows you to focus. As a programmer this tea delivered and I was able to do many programming sessions that were very successful,

My source for this tea was Peet's coffee and you can buy it on Amazon but I want to expand my knowledge of tea which is zero.

Are there any other teas that have what Jasmine Downey pearl tea does... Energy, focus, and a little high. I have tried Jasmine Pearl teas and it does not have the same effect. So magic must be in the word Downey.

Sorry for the noob question but I need my magic tea. :)


Oct 27th 21 9:16 am
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Re: Jasmine Downey pearl

by pamattey » Oct 27th 21 9:16 am

Everyone reacts differently to tea, so others can only give you recommendations based on their experience which, of course, may not be representative of your experience.
In my case, i sometimes get this effect from silver needle (make sure it's really hairy buds) but since you mentioned jasmine, i'd suggest you try this and see what works best for you:

https://yunnansourcing.com/products/jas ... ea-sampler

To me, jasmine pearls does it, but since you said it doesn't work for you, maybe jasmine scented silver needle will do.

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Oct 28th 21 8:12 am
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Re: Jasmine Downey pearl

by Teasenz » Oct 28th 21 8:12 am

The reason the 'downey' jasmine gives you a bigger mental boost because it's likely made of younger tea leaves that contain more caffeine. Younger tea leaves contains more 'white hairs', hence 'downey'. ^_^

So for any kind of tea, younger and smaller leaves will give a bigger mental boost. This isn't just the case for Jasmine teas.