Stupid Question re: Chinese Restaurant Tea

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

May 2nd 22 8:31 am
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Re: Stupid Question re: Chinese Restaurant Tea

by 12Tea » May 2nd 22 8:31 am

shesallthat wrote: Forgive me if this sounds stupid...but I would love to purchase tea that I drink in a Chinese Restaurant. Everytime I go to a Chinese Restaurant I ask the waiter what kind of tea is this and he says "I don't know". I ask "Oolong"...he says "yes"...I say "Jasmine"..he goes "I don't know". They also will not sell me this mystery tea. Whenever I have tried to buy tea (in shops) I have been disappointed...maybe the tea in the restaurants is inferior :?: ...or maybe the ones from the shops are too superior (not crazy for Monkey Picked). So tell me, as I am new to teas and new here...what is the Adagio Oolong that will bring me the joy that I am looking for? Thank you so much :) .
The secret of Chinese restaurant teas is that those are exactly the teas that are very easy to brew. There's not much that can go wrong. For example, for oolong, the generally serve Tie Guan Yin, because the taste is smooth and flowery no matter how you brew it. It's very forgiving when it comes to preparation. The same holds of pu erh, they select ripe pu erh, because it always taste smooth and thick, while raw pu erh can easily get bitter when oversteeped. I think this guide can help you identify the teas, and then allow you to buy the right ones: ... tea-guide/