8 New Ground Tea Mountains. First Part

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8 New Ground Tea Mountains. First Part

by Koveee » Jul 29th 22 7:09 am

First of all, i want to make a little deviation. In chinese sources, often village and mountain have similar meaning, because area of tea trees or plants is not only area of one mountain or small area of one village. Likewise, mountain it is not only small territory of top of the mountain, it is can be area about 50-10 hectares ond over. Then you see sheng from Naka or from Man Nuo, for example, it is mean that these tea can produced from all of villages of Man Nuo zone, or Naka zone.

Plenty of tea enjoyers hear about 6 Grand Mountains(六大茶山) that are in Xishuangbanna. They located west of Jinghong, capital of Xishuangbanna, but today i would like to talk about new Grand Mountains in BulangShan.

1. Man Nuo 曼糯 - One of the northernmost tea village of Meng Hai county. Actually Man Nuo is 3 villages in one: Da Zhai, Shang Zhai, Zhong Zhai, that translate like Big village, High village and Centre village. Tea gardens, in general, growing at 1200-1300 metres above sea level. The yearly rainfall is 1300-1400 millilitres. In old times through Man Nuo was tea road from Lincang (临沧) to Meng Hai.
Local tea farmers named tea from Man Nuo "sticky tea", because of tea sticking to hands while farmers roast tea. According to reviews, flavor features of Man Nuo tea are strength bitter and slower huigan. However, shengjin is comprehensive and aftertaste is long and beautiful. Meanwhile, Main feature of Man Nuo tea is light, thin not an obvious and wonderful fragrance.

2. Meng Song 勐宋 - In Yunnan exist two Meng Song villages. First village locate in Jinghong county and named Xiao Meng Song 小勐宋. Village that interesting for us named Meng Song 勐宋. Settlement was foundated nation Hani Zu from Nan Nuo 南糯. Tea gardens, in general, growing at 1500-1800 metres above sea level. Forest part of territory is 70 percent of all value, rainfall is above average. Tea gardens growing at territory in 245 hectares.
In Chinese sources taste and flavor of tea is from Meng Song descripted these features: 1. Bitter is above average and in reviews this tea compare with tea from Lao Man E because of similar of their bitter. Stable to brewing is well. Veins of tea leaf is flexible and mighty, buds are shining. initially flavor can be bitter and close other light flavors. but in middle and at the end tea flavor is much better and colorful. Fragrance is special, tea has baoman feel (satiety feel 饱满 ). Bitter leave a little longly, but sweet of huigan strength and long. Hou Yun 喉韵 is very freshness and a little mint.
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