New to the World of Tea (and this Forum)

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Aug 6th 22 8:33 pm
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New to the World of Tea (and this Forum)

by DigitalSparks » Aug 6th 22 8:33 pm

Hello everyone,
I have drank tea since I was a kid although it was always Southern Style "Lipton". I have a few friends abroad and have been hearing them talk of having tea all through our friendship, and have asked them questions about it but recently I was compelled to try a "Proper Tea service".

My friends that drink tea are from India, the United Kingdom, and Australia so I had a fairly good idea of what they drank, I began asking them questions which eventually lead to me going online and doing research on types of tea etiquette and such.

I ordered a variety of Black teas and a western-style pot as well as a couple bone china tea cups and saucers. I found that I enjoyed the teas which have further expanded into trying teas from China and Japan and Taiwan.

It has blossomed into quite a journey considering it's only been 3 months since the initial push to give traditional tea a try. I find myself learning more and more each day and having an even deeper appreciation for all the various types of tea, and brewing methods as I traverse finding my personal favorite tea and brewing style.

I am now in the process of building my tea station and look forward to reading everyone's posts as well as contributing myself.

Here is my current Gongfu Battlestation, which of course is a work in progress...