Is teas good quality?

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Sep 22nd 22 11:24 pm
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Is teas good quality?

by anonynon » Sep 22nd 22 11:24 pm

I encountered the brand “tealeaves” that sells online, and I believe supplies high end hotels and restaurants etc. I started ordering tea from them in 2020 when I couldn’t get my usual teas, and I feel like it’s good quality, as there’s clean tastes there that I don’t get from many supermarket teas. It’s hard to research much else about them though since their name is so generic.

BUT I don’t have much knowledge about tea. My experience stems only from coming from a tea drinking culture and not so much from a connoisseur perspective.

Have any of you tried their teas and what are your thoughts?

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Sep 24th 22 12:38 pm
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Re: Is teas good quality?

by Teasenz » Sep 24th 22 12:38 pm

Never heard of it, but I do have to say their website and tea packaging look amazing. Looking at the catalogue, I would consider buying it as a gift for general tea drinkers, but maybe not for those who are into more artisan teas.
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