Nov 28th 23 5:25 am
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Czech Republic tea travel

by Nantea » Nov 28th 23 5:25 am

Hi, fellow tea lovers! I am planning to visit the Czech Republic next year, and I am curious about their tea culture, if anyone could help. First, can you recommend any good tea houses or shops I should check out in Prague or other cities? I'd love to experience some of the most popular or unique teas they have there.

Also, do you know of any quality tea sets or pots that are made in the Czech Republic? I'd love to bring something back as a souvenir that shows off their tea traditions and craftsmanship. Are there any specific brands or styles that are really representative of tea culture in the country?
I am looking forward to exploring the Czech tea scene and discovering new flavors and aromas. Thank you in advance! 😊

Dec 29th 23 11:45 am
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Re: Czech Republic tea travel

by Brewtime » Dec 29th 23 11:45 am

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Czech tea culture personally. But a quick search found that Prague has some tea houses worth checking out like Cafe Louvre and Orient Cafe. You may also find some unique locally produced tea wares in the city. The area around Karlštejn Castle is famous for pottery - might be worth a look to see if any artisans make tea-related pieces. Have a great trip exploring - be sure to report back if you find any hidden gems of teas or teawares representative of the Czech tea tradition!