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Black Mud Heijingang Teapot?

by tashi_108 » Apr 24th 24 3:25 am

Greetings friends, new here but a long time Tea connoisseur. Upon my recent search for an authentic Yixing Purple or Red Zisha clay Teapot I stumbled upon a type of Yixing pot made from Black Mud Heijingang clay on Amazon.com. Upon inquiring the seller was incredibly vague and gave me absolutely very contradictive statements regarding the authenticity of this sort of Teapot production. I am curious if any of you know if this type of clay does indeed come from Yixing China and if it offers any substantial benefits that of an authentic purple or red zisha clay? Here are a few pictures of what the teapot looks like. Thank you for any suggestions, take care!
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Re: Black Mud Heijingang Teapot?

by lotustea » May 28th 24 5:24 pm

check this out
https://yunnansourcing.com/products/jin ... apot-140ml

You can always mix different clays. However, do not know if the clays they mix would be real Yixing clay. Look suspicious. I would not buy it.