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Feb 22nd, '08, 18:35
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by RobbyH » Feb 22nd, '08, 18:35

Hello all!

I heard about Adagio through Diggnation, thought it was fantastic. I'm completely new to the tea scene, was basically just looking for a healthy alternative to sodas. Received my starter set the other day, and I think I might be hooked.

Only trouble is I can't really tell the difference between the teas that came with it (Flavored pack: Strawberry, Vanilla, Oriental Spice and Mango) besides the fact that it's a lot better than I thought tea would be. Maybe the distinguishment comes with time?

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Feb 22nd, '08, 18:47
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by Ladytiger » Feb 22nd, '08, 18:47

When I first saw your username I read it as Robin Hood...Don't ask.
Any way...
Welcome to TeaChat! What your favorite tea?
The Adagio flavored teas are usually lightly flavored, which might be why you can't really taste it but it's there!

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Mar 1st, '08, 15:20
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by Trey Winston » Mar 1st, '08, 15:20

Welcome :D

Tea is definitely a great substitute for sodas. Swearing off sugared pop was much easier when I could substitute it for tea.

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Mar 2nd, '08, 01:23
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by skywarrior » Mar 2nd, '08, 01:23

So, you Digg us? :D Welcome!

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