Rooibos mango iced tea, wow!

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Jun 8th, '05, 13:02
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Rooibos mango iced tea, wow!

by teachat » Jun 8th, '05, 13:02


Recently I bought Adagio's rooibos mango tea. As delicious as it was hot, I found it was even better iced. I brew it as directed in my large ingenuiTEA and then dispense it into the pitcher. After I've made 2 quarts I sweeten it with 2-3 tbsp sugar and then chill a couple of hours. The end result, wow! It is so smoothe and fruity.

I was wondering if anyone had tried to make a tea sangria with iced tea and fresh fruit. (no alcohol). If so I'd love the recipe to give it a try.

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Mar 2nd, '08, 20:39
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by JM » Mar 2nd, '08, 20:39

I have enjoyed Rooibos iced as well. Sometimes I'll use 1/4 cup of sugar and melt it with boiling water and then add it to the already iced tea.

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