Saturday, Mandatory TeaDay, 3.08.08

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Galileo's Daughter was wondering, "What is the NATURAL flavor aspect/quality you most enjoy/look for in a TEA?

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Mar 8th, '08, 03:24
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Saturday, Mandatory TeaDay, 3.08.08

by Chip » Mar 8th, '08, 03:24

Happy Saturday, TeaChatters. Tip your cup and join TeaDay.

Welcome to TeaDay. Visit here all day and share what is in your cup with fellow TeaChatters...well, the TeaWorld. Whie you are here, be sure to check out what other TeaChatters are sipping as well. Remember to check out the Daily TeaPoll.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic was contributed by Galileo's Daughter!

She was wondering, what natural flavor aspects/qualities do you enjoy/look for in a tea? This is not regarding added flavors, another poll for another day! I have a pretty good list started, but if I missed something, I am sure you will tell me here. So, tell us what do you look for in flavor from your tea? I think it is a great discussion topic!!!

BTW, tomorrow, The Tenuki Caffeine Scale will be the Poll and discussion topic, that should be a lot of fun, so make sure you visit tomorrow!

Have a great TeaDay, TeaWorld!!!

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Mar 8th, '08, 04:37
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by tenuki » Mar 8th, '08, 04:37


I like soupy.

I don't have tea in my cup, just crashing late after listening to some great live punk.

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Mar 8th, '08, 08:16
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by Warden Andy » Mar 8th, '08, 08:16

Other: dirt/compost. :P

It's hard to pick a single flavor because I look for many of those in one tea, and each tea will be different. I like smokiness in young puerh and lapsang, but hate it in green tea.

I think my vote is for smoothness. Tea that isn't smooth is rough, and rough tea isn't pleasant.

As usual, I'm still finishing my morning gourd. Rosamonte seleccion especial.

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Mar 8th, '08, 08:30
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by Trey Winston » Mar 8th, '08, 08:30

I also like my tea smooth. Sipping some Dragon Well today.

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Mar 8th, '08, 08:32
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by olivierco » Mar 8th, '08, 08:32

As I am in a gyokuro phase, I chose sweetness, but I could have chosen, smoothness, floral, grassiness..., depending on the type of tea.

This morning Yunnan golden tips. Houjicha for my lunch break and now Yuncui (Palais des thés).

Mar 8th, '08, 09:20
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by tissigirl » Mar 8th, '08, 09:20

Smoothness definately! I love how easily it goes down...

We're snowed in today in KY!! Actually it's still coming down after 24 hours of straight snow, so probably be snowed in tomorrow and possibly Monday as well. So that means i'll be having lots of tea this weekend! :D

Going to start with Moroccan Mint, a flavored green tea from Teavana. One of my favorites. I'll probably have some Dragonwell later on, and finish the day with night time tea which is a chamomile herbal blend. :)

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Mar 8th, '08, 10:07
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by Ladytiger » Mar 8th, '08, 10:07

I look for sweetness most of the time so I don't need to use sweetener.
It's going to be a tea weekend with a tea friend. I'm taking some milk oolong, Funka-midori, rum tea, foxtrot, and maybe some iced chai lattes if I manage to find something to take it in because it's the tazo concentrate. She hasn't been introduced to loose leaf yet so it'll be fun.

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Mar 8th, '08, 10:54
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by Sydney » Mar 8th, '08, 10:54

I love all these impossible "pick one" questions.

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Mar 8th, '08, 10:57
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by Sydney » Mar 8th, '08, 10:57

I've chosen 'astringency' and didn't have to think about it for a second. Astringency is the closest thing I've seen to liquid freshness.

My cup is empty, but was full of genmai about 30 seconds ago.

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Mar 8th, '08, 11:01
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by stargazer » Mar 8th, '08, 11:01

This morning I tried a sample "jasmine leaf superior" from

nice and smooth

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Mar 8th, '08, 11:38
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by GalileosDaughter » Mar 8th, '08, 11:38

Thanks for the kind words, Chip!

Looking at the poll, I wish I had broken it down into different polls by type of tea--for example, "What quality do you most prefer in a *black* tea?" Then the different qualities, etc., with one poll for each kind of tea. Ah well. Newbie mistake!

I chose *bold* because I drink mainly black teas and like a nice big hit of flavor, expecially first thing in the morning.

I'm excited someone chose "vegetal." I drank a green about a week ago and that was the first word that popped into my mind as I drank it. It was good, in an unusual way. :)

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Mar 8th, '08, 12:02
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by henley » Mar 8th, '08, 12:02

My vote was for smoothness. Tea is one of the few things I do for myself so I'm looking for that warm & comfy feeling w/a nice cuppa tea. The things I don't want are floral, vegetal or grassy. While I appreciate creation & things of nature, I don't care for it in my cup. Guess that's one of the things I appreciate most about tea--there are so many different kinds that anybody should be able to find something they enjoy.

This morning's tea was a personal creation; kind of a take on Valentines tea. I mixed SpecialTeas' Summer Breeze (black tea, juniper berries, strawberry, currant & blackberry) w/chocolate tea. Trying to decide now which tea to serve w/lunch. Off to have a tea party w/my 5 yr old! :wink:

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Mar 8th, '08, 12:12
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by TimeforTea » Mar 8th, '08, 12:12

This was a good question. I chose smoothness, because that's the quality I seem to like best, no matter which type of tea I am drinking. However, I could have picked "other", too, as I also notice I enjoy tea that has a "light" flavor, so to speak.

This morning, my husband brewed me a small cup of adagio's Jasmine #12. It was so nice to wake up to that. This is definitely one of my tea favorites. Afterwards, he brewed us some of adagio's sencha premier, at 180 degrees for 90 seconds. (That is what seems to work perfectly for the Harney & Sons' sencha, so we tried it with adagio's).

I bought a larger cast iron testubin from Home Goods this morning for $19 so we could have something large enough for both of us to brew green tea. However, the infuser basket is defective, so I will have to return it.

It is pouring out yet again today in 'Jersey. Nothing that another cup of sencha can't improve, though! :wink:

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Mar 8th, '08, 12:16
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by skywarrior » Mar 8th, '08, 12:16

I chose smoothness, but I could've chosen cocoa.

Speaking of which, chocolate tea this morning. I need something that won't surprise me right now.

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Mar 8th, '08, 12:40
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by RussianSoul » Mar 8th, '08, 12:40

I am drinking Chicago Breakfast from a local tea merchant. He gave me a little pouch to try after we spend most pleasant 20 minutes chatting about teas in his store. He blends it himself - a combination of Ceylon, Keemun and Kenia. Seems very appropriate as a local flavor in our multinational city. It's tasty too, has a nice non-sugary sweetness to it.

I can't answer the poll today :( , it needs to allow multiple selections. I like most of these qualities, but different combinations of them in different teas. I don't care much about astringency or cocoa, though.