Mar 10th, '08, 00:30
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Offer Silver Needle and White Peony

by Marky » Mar 10th, '08, 00:30

Here's the thing. A couple months ago I bought 500g of Silver Needle from Yunnan Sourcing on eBay. Well, that's a heck of a lot of tea. It's from the 2007 harvest, so won't be good too much longer and I still have at least half of it left.

The other tea I have a surplus of is organic White Peony that I bought a pound of from Mountain Rose Herbs just last week. It's quite good and is my daily tea, but a pound is an awful lot of it and would love to share the joy.

If you'd like a sample, send me a pm and I'll send you an ounce or so of either or both. I'm thinking I'll send out about four samples of each to make a little room in my tea tins.

Mar 10th, '08, 21:16
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by Marky » Mar 10th, '08, 21:16

The Silver Needle is gone but I can send a couple more samples of the Mountain Rose Herbs Organic White Peony if anyone is interested. Just PM me.