Tuesday, all day TeaDay, 3/11/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Wesli asks, "How many teapots do you own?" This means all TeaPots or facsimiles there of!!!

...more than 25!!!
Total votes: 52

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Mar 11th, '08, 01:40
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Tuesday, all day TeaDay, 3/11/08

by Chip » Mar 11th, '08, 01:40

Let's drink TEA all day Tuesday!!!

Welcome, TeaChatters to TeaDay. Remember to stop by throughout your busy day, sip a cup of TEA with your fellow TeaChatters, share what you are drinking, see what other TeaChatters are sipping...and answer the Poll.

Today's TeaPoll is contributed by Wesli. Thanx, Wesli!!!

He wonders how many TeaPots you truly own. So, come out of the closet and share what is in your TeaCabinet with everyone...you will feel better. Please feel free to elaborate about your TeaPot "collection."

And as always, have a great TeaDay everyone!!!

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Mar 11th, '08, 01:56
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by olivierco » Mar 11th, '08, 01:56

3 hohins
4 kyuusus: 1 large (350 ml), 2 normal size (210ml), 1 little (160ml)
1 duanni (100ml)
1 zisha (100ml)
1 large glass teapot (600ml)
1 large porcelain teapot (600ml)
1 little porcelain teapot (200ml)
1 matcha bowl
1 "handy teapot"

A total of 14 teapots, not counting gaiwans (3)
I guess I could buy some more within a few months: a hohin, a zhuni and a matcha bowl. Then I think my equipment will be complete

This morning Keemun mao feng.

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Mar 11th, '08, 02:32
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by tenuki » Mar 11th, '08, 02:32


8 for me. Long live Gaiwans! Down with teapots!

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Mar 11th, '08, 04:19
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by Trey Winston » Mar 11th, '08, 04:19

I suspect I will be a minority with my one, which is today used for dragonwell.

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Mar 11th, '08, 05:05
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by Trioxin » Mar 11th, '08, 05:05

Currently on two Yixings in my collection, with hopefully more soon. Anything the pots aren't seasoned for get brewed with a cup infuser.

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Mar 11th, '08, 06:11
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by Ed » Mar 11th, '08, 06:11

I have a kyuusu, a Western teapot and an infuser cup. I don't like having lots of stuff around that I never use.

Drinking Mecha from Den's this morning. Good stuff! :P

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Mar 11th, '08, 06:20
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by Space Samurai » Mar 11th, '08, 06:20

5 Kyusu
2 Samashi (Not a teapot? They cost more than most teapots, so stfu).
1 Yixing Shui Pin
2 Yixing Xisha
3 Gaiwan
3 Matcha Bowls
1 Glass Infuser Mug
1 Zarafina

And I use them all. Well, except for the Zarafina, but I didn't pay for that.

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Mar 11th, '08, 07:57
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by Jack_teachat » Mar 11th, '08, 07:57

I've got 1 small (550ml ish) pot with an infusing basket and one very large English style teapot. However, I really want to get a nice Kyusu and set of cups in the near future.

No tea for me yet, but will probably have some more Miyabi sencha later :D


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Mar 11th, '08, 08:12
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by CynTEAa » Mar 11th, '08, 08:12

My usual start up - Yunnan Gold, but will be moving on to blueberry white tea soon.

Gosh, this poll really made me - take inventory. Unless mistaken, I'm at 16. That counts Trinitea, a cuia, and my precious little gaiwan. Most are English style teapots, would like to collect more Asian vessels. Oh, I didn't count my tea tasting sets! If they count individually then I'm over 25. And I didn't count any mug/cup with infuser sets.


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Mar 11th, '08, 08:57
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by Victoria » Mar 11th, '08, 08:57

Eight for me if you include my fancy, modern, polycarbonate, microwavable, vertical, tea brewing vessel. Oh and one new one that may be going back.

Oy, it's too early for math, give me tea!!! Tung Ting for me this morning.

Have a lovely day all!

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Mar 11th, '08, 09:14
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by TimeforTea » Mar 11th, '08, 09:14

Zarafina a la newbie (use it now for flavored teas or herbal tisanes)
Adagio's IngenuiTEA
Cast iron tea pot from Home Goods (about 6 oz)
Den's yutori for green tea
For Life tea pot with extra fine infuser (about 12 oz)
For Life tea mug with extra fine infuser (for night time herbal or rooibos)

Would like to get a larger yutori for green tea to share with my husband.

This morning I had adagio's English breakfast with a lot of soy milk. I had bought this to share with a friend who enjoys English bagged tea to introduce her to leaf tea. Decided to have some this morning because I got very little sleep (one of my dogs is sick). Hoping this will wake me up...

Edit: this afternoon I enjoyed my first taste of adagio's White Monkey. It was a very nice, light, soothing tea. I will definitely reorder this one. I also placed a small order with dragonwater.com--I am looking forward to trying different rooibos. I am all out of vanilla rooibos.

I still have not received my order from teacuppa.com; their shipping seems a lot slower than other Asian companies.
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Mar 11th, '08, 09:48
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by witches brew » Mar 11th, '08, 09:48

Two teapots here.

-English teapot

The trip to Chinatown didn't yield a gaiwan. It was very odd. We went to Pearl River Mart because it was closest to the train, and they had more Japanese teaware than Chinese. I almost bought a kyusu, but didn't find one I really liked, and then we ran out of time.

This morning's tea is rooibos.

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Mar 11th, '08, 10:35
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by omegapd » Mar 11th, '08, 10:35

5 for me.

2 Yixings
1 Staffordshire antique porcelain pot (large-5 cups)
1 "everyday" porcelain pot (2 cup)
1 Ingenuitea that my wife uses

Starting the day with some green tea flavored with orange and jasmine.


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Mar 11th, '08, 10:35
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by osadczuk » Mar 11th, '08, 10:35

Four here.

One "fancy, modern, polycarbonate, microwavable, vertical, tea brewing vessel" (my new favorite quote), one fine china teapot (to match my actual china), one basic ceramic green teapot, and my utilitea.

Still on coffee this morning. Did not sleep well last night - it was obviously a night for sick animals, Teasweetie, my cat was ill. But for good news, it's finally election day here which means the really annoying phone calls can finally stop (3 today already, though.)

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Mar 11th, '08, 11:29
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 11th, '08, 11:29

I have a grand total of 2 teapots! I have one kyusu for my Japanese greens and one gaiwan for other things when I have time to play with gaiwan brewing. Otherwise, I like my infuser basket.

I am starting the morning with Russian Caravan again. Strong, black teas are really good when I need to be awake. Ladytiger: To answer your inquiry, after the few days that I have been enjoying the Russian Caravan on and off, I have decided it is a pretty good tea.