best tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

what more healthier green tea

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whats more healthier white tea
or flavored tea
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Oct 25th, '05, 20:23
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best tea

by sandra31 » Oct 25th, '05, 20:23

can someone please explain,what tea is the best,iam so confuesed i thought green tea was,
ia; looking for my hair loosing weight and just being healthy

thanks :?: :roll:

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Oct 25th, '05, 21:28
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by himthatwas » Oct 25th, '05, 21:28


You can't go wrong with the green tea. You've probably managed to get caught in the middle of a boom in studies that don't really take a comparison of the different teas into consideration. One week they will say black tea is soooo healthy based on this study that proved black tea could save your heart then the next week another article will say the same thing but it will be white tea, or green tea. It will take a while before anyone has definitive proof of one tea being better than all the others since they all have so many good things in them.

It looks like you just want a general "good". For optimum results vary your intake to take the fullest benefit of the varying benefits.

But above all go by what your taste buds tell you. A state of calm can go a very long way for all of your stated symptoms. Enjoying a small cup of tea that you like will do far better than a bucket of one you don't like.

Oct 25th, '05, 23:53
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by fpanko » Oct 25th, '05, 23:53

I think the answer is 7..... no... 9

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Oct 26th, '05, 09:41
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by chris » Oct 26th, '05, 09:41

Either someone has set up a new modern art installment on our bulletin board or this folder is going terribly, terribly wrong.

I fear we will fall into MikeB-style anarchy at any moment....



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Oct 26th, '05, 16:39
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by PeteVu » Oct 26th, '05, 16:39

if we have to go into mikeb-style anything im gonna have to kill myself.

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Oct 26th, '05, 17:00
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by Mike B » Oct 26th, '05, 17:00

Don't tease.

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Oct 26th, '05, 17:15
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by Tadiera » Oct 26th, '05, 17:15

Mike B wrote:Don't tease.
Teasing is what some of us are best at.

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