Tuesday, another TeaDay! 3/18/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

So, how would you rate TeaChat?

1 Not Good. Needs major improvements
No votes
2 OK. Nothing to get excited about
No votes
3 Good, better than most Tea Forums
4 Very good...a terrific forum for TeaLovers! One of the very best!
5 Excellent, the best Tea Forum! Even if it is not perfect!
No opinion.
Total votes: 39

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Mar 18th, '08, 01:51
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Tuesday, another TeaDay! 3/18/08

by Chip » Mar 18th, '08, 01:51

The timing is ironic...I hope IM is back up by morning. If not, please forgive the inconvenience.

Today's TeaDay is dedicated to TeaChat, hopefully paying some homage to it! Perhaps offering some suggestions.

TeaChat...it is different things to different people. To me, it is mostly the TeaFellowship, a place to come and share tea. It is the members. It is certainly adagio.com who foots the bills for TeaChat, but it is also the people of adagio.com. It is a part of my life. It is here I have met people from China to California to a few miles down the road. I will share more thoughts I am sure throughout the day.

So, come to TeaDay, share your cup with everyone...see what other TeaChatters are sipping...and tell us what is TeaChat to you!!!

How do you rate TeaChat?

Any suggestions on how to improve our forum???

Remember to visit TeaDay throughout the day and see what fellow TeaChatters are sipping...and keep us updated with what is in your cup!!!!!

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Mar 18th, '08, 04:46
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by Trioxin » Mar 18th, '08, 04:46

Gotta rate it as excellent, especially considering I don't know of any other tea forums.

Tea of the moment: Namring Estate First Flush

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Mar 18th, '08, 05:27
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by Trey Winston » Mar 18th, '08, 05:27

Excellent. A forum lives or dies by its contributors, and TeaChat has a lot of good ones. The collective expertise here is pretty astonishing.

Drinking the last of my Dragon Well today in expectation of my new supply of Silver Needle.
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Mar 18th, '08, 05:46
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by Orange Crush » Mar 18th, '08, 05:46

Oolong #40, and I went with very good only because I have nothing to compare it to. This is my only tea forum!

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Mar 18th, '08, 06:59
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by olivierco » Mar 18th, '08, 06:59

Trey Winston wrote:Excellent. A forum lives or dies by its contributors, and TeaChat has a lot of good ones. The collective expertise here is pretty astonishing.
Just what I wanted to say.

This morning Yunnan golden tips and now for my lunch break Houjicha.
As I am feeling better today (at least fever is more bearable), I hope to have some more tea later in the day.

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Mar 18th, '08, 07:39
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by Carnelian » Mar 18th, '08, 07:39

I consider TeaChat to be the best of all tea forums, if not one of the best designed forums in general.

Currently drinking Casablanca Twist, and late for school

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Mar 18th, '08, 09:36
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by forkyfork » Mar 18th, '08, 09:36

It is excellent for many reasons:

1) Not a lot of other tea forums, as others have said. There is a tea newsgroup, and other tea forums. There's some tea communities on livejournal, but none are as jumping as this.
2) Awesome mods. They do they do their job without being nazis. I'm on another community forum over on livejournal, where the mods will ban anyone at the drop of a hat "just because they can". It's pretty ridiculous.
3) Awesome people. There's just so much to know about tea, and everyone here has something useful to contribute.

My only complaint? The actual chatting module is cumbersome and dated. If there was a way to see archive chats, that might be better.

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Mar 18th, '08, 10:07
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by insanitylater » Mar 18th, '08, 10:07


speaking as a new member i love this place and i'm glad i found it. i have been looking for tea forums for a while and only found nonactive ones or just plain bad ones. the people here know what they are talking about and our feeding my tea addiction even more :D . out of curiosity what are some of the other good tea communities out there ?

currently drinking cold rooibos that i made last night and fell asleep waiting for it to cool

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Mar 18th, '08, 11:20
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by xine » Mar 18th, '08, 11:20

I'm sorry I haven't been around so much as of late- I've been somewhat busy, but it's really awesome to see a lot of newer chatters posting away! :)

I hope no one is nursing a St. Patty's Day hang over. I'm having golden monkey to go along with my Bare Naked granola (it's the continental divide one- banana chips, chocolate chips, chocolate granola, and walnuts and almonds). For some reason I have to have the two together when I do have the granola. eeee!

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Mar 18th, '08, 11:35
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by Wesli » Mar 18th, '08, 11:35


Waking up with some white-wizard silver needle this morning. I think I'm pretty special. Doubt anyone else drinks up white in the morning.

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Mar 18th, '08, 11:52
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by insanitylater » Mar 18th, '08, 11:52

i just received my rooibos jasmine with a free sample of that bolero signature blend :D if i didn't just make yerba mate i would be trying it right now

adagio is the best!

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Mar 18th, '08, 12:43
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by daughteroftheKing » Mar 18th, '08, 12:43

Meant to put 5 and absent-mindedly hit 4. Ah well, Adagio is still the tops for me.
Not that I'm overly familiar with very many other tea forums. I've only visited a couple and couldn't quite compare to the wide-range of tea covered here.
And since TeaChat was my very first online board/chat -- my first ever online post and IM were on TC -- I am rather biased :) .

Started with organic Kyoto Cherry Rose then moving on to Raspberry Green...all on ice (get to have a root canal today, whoohoo :P )

Happy TeaDay, everyone!

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Mar 18th, '08, 12:48
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 18th, '08, 12:48

I like TeaChat. For a forum in general, it is extremely friendly and helpful. I have never found another forum with this sense of community. It is very impressive. The only thing I could see that needs improvement is the chat box.

My tea day is starting with Vanilla Rooibos. I was not in a caffeine mood.

My Green Tea day yesterday went downhill after the Guricha. I had such good plans, but it did not work. I took a nap between classes and didn't have time to get sufficient steeps out of a green tea before I had to run to a hall meeting, dinner, and class. We did have some green jello shots after I got back, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, but they were not overly potent. Even our RA tried one and laughed at the shots made in the mini condiment cups from the cafeteria. She suggested Dixie Cups next time. At least it was something Green, but not tea. :cry:

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Mar 18th, '08, 14:37
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by tenuki » Mar 18th, '08, 14:37

2006 spring Wuyi Zhang-Yen 'Ban ia Yao' from Hou De. :D

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Mar 18th, '08, 14:46
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by TimeforTea » Mar 18th, '08, 14:46

This morning, I had a mug of adagio's gyokuro. Yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed a mug of Orchard Oolong a la Victoria (thanks, Victoria!) Although I'm trying to drink up my tea in somewhat chronological order, I am still very curious about those oolongs! Last night, I ended the day with a comforting mug of adagio's rooibos vanilla.

My dog just got out of surgery and I am about to take a very well-needed nap.

Perhaps I'll have some Jasmine #12 or sencha when I awake.

Tea chat is EXCELLENT!! It's the only place besides email where I spend time on-line! To quote Cinnamon Kitty, teachat has an excellent sense of community!! :D