Best place to buy green tea in Japan???

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Mar 18th, '08, 09:26
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Best place to buy green tea in Japan???

by abril371 » Mar 18th, '08, 09:26

Hi everyone!

I will be spending a few days in Japan, mostly Tokyo and i was wondering if anyone here could recommend any specific specialized tea store/distributor any where in Japan where you can get high/highest quality japanese tea's at reasonable prices!

I have been to Tokyo before and visited a few tea stores but none of them convinced me.

Or any specific adress in the Shizuoka district?

I have order from the goverment (read my wife & mom!) to buy as much as i can carry, at least! :wink:

Thanks for any help.


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Mar 19th, '08, 09:59
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by MoGa » Mar 19th, '08, 09:59

Hola abril371,

I won't say this is the 'best' place to get tea in Tokyo, it's just somewhere that I like. I'm particularly fond of the area (Yanaka), it's one of my favourite parts of Tokyo.

It's mentioned on this page:
(株)金吉商店 台東区谷中3-11-10
The list might be interesting to you as it shows lots of good shops in Tokyo

This link is clearer:
And here's a map: ... iwloc=addr
(the station to the right is Nippori on the Northern part of the Yamanote line)

This isn't even my favourite tea shop in the area. I'm afraid I don't know the address of that one, just how to find it when I'm there, so I'm sorry I can't share that with you. There are quite a few around. Because the area draws many of Tokyo's older residents and Japanese visitors (there are lots of temples and graveyards) this might partly explain why the tea shops are particularly good here, and the tea sold at reasonable prices.

Yanaka is part of a larger area called YaNeSen by the locals (Yanaka + Nezu + Sendagi)
Here's a very nice article with some more information:
(There's even a photo of the tea shop I've recommended, but no other mention)
Lots of photos of the area here:

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