Choose-your-own Starter Set

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

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Oct 31st, '05, 12:13
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Choose-your-own Starter Set

by nardhelain » Oct 31st, '05, 12:13

My first purchase from Adagio was a starter set (I got the flavors set), and I am delighted with it. Whoever designed the IngenuiTEA teapot deserves a medal.

I'm in Christmas shopping mode now, though, and I'd really like to introduce my mother to loose leaf tea. However, I don't think any of the Starter Sets currently on offer are quite right for her. I'd prefer her first foray into loose leaf teas be broad, so she can figure out what sorts of tea she likes. The ideal starter set for Mum would include a black tea, an oolong tea, a green tea, and maybe an herbal or a flavored tea.

So, in light of that, my suggestion is to offer a choose-your-own starter set, where the shopper can choose four samples from a selection that cuts across the entire range of Adagio's products. If that's not possible, my second-best suggestion would be to offer a mixed starter set with a composition similar to that which I outlined above. It would be a great gift for the true tea novice or for folks like my mother, who've only ever had Lipton.

Thanks for being open to suggestions!

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Oct 31st, '05, 16:02
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by ilya » Oct 31st, '05, 16:02

Thanks for the suggestion. As you can imagine, we get this request a lot. Since we sell all of our teas in sample sizes, you can technically create any set you want. However, if you purchase the items seperately, the price will be a few dollars higher.

We created the pre-defined sets in order help our warehouse packers. Every time we mention build-your-own starter sets, we get dirty looks from them :)


Nov 1st, '05, 16:31
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by ribex » Nov 1st, '05, 16:31

Okay, so just offer one more set that has a predefined green, black, white, and herbal. Right?

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Nov 5th, '05, 18:33
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by Dronak » Nov 5th, '05, 18:33

I asked about that sort of mixed sampler before, ribex --
They said that they used to do this, but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth, so they dropped it.

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