FRIDAY!!! Teaday, 3/28/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Tenuki wants to know, who loves, likes, doesn't like...GREEN TEA?

I love green tea, it is my favorite tea, and I drink it without ceasing
I really like green tea, drinking it virtually everyday
I like green tea and have it most days
I have green tea occasionally
I have tried green tea, just not my cuppa tea
I have not tried green tea, but it is on my short list of tea to try
I have not tried green tea, haven't really thought about it
No votes
I have no desire to try those grass clippings brewed ; )
No votes
No votes
Total votes: 61

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Mar 28th, '08, 03:49
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FRIDAY!!! Teaday, 3/28/08

by Chip » Mar 28th, '08, 03:49

It is FRIDAY, TGIF TeaDay!!! I am going to drink 4 teas today or more. How many will you drink?

It is TeaDay everyone. So, bring your cup of tea and share with everyone what teas you are drinking today. Half the fun is seeing what teas other TeaChatters are sipping as well. So, visit TeaDay as much as you can and share as often as you want...the more the merrier.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic was not really suggested by tenuki, just having some fun with the guy who will likely call this a grass clipping poll. Yet he has been known to sneak a few cups of sencha throughout the week.

So, share with us if you care to about your experience with green tea. Love it, like it, hate it, yet to try it. Let it all out here.

I will be looking for you on TeaDay and hope you honor us with sharing what is in your cup!

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Mar 28th, '08, 05:10
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by Terrasi » Mar 28th, '08, 05:10

I don't dislike green tea, I just don't love it. I also tend to lose track of time and over-steep it, but that isn't the tea's fault.

This morning I'll will give it another chance. I have the adagio sampler, gunpowder maybe?

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Mar 28th, '08, 05:37
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by omegapd » Mar 28th, '08, 05:37

When I first got interested in "specialty" teas, it was all green. I never found one I really loved, so gave up and concentrated on black teas. Just recently I've gotten back into it with Adagio's Kukicha and drink it everyday.

Other than it being somewhat of an acquired taste, it's also intimidating to a "newbie". I still go though trial and error when it comes to how much tea to use, water temperature and steeping times. One webpage will tell you 3 minutes- some of the aficionado's here say stuff like 35 seconds max. It's confusing to say the least...


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Mar 28th, '08, 06:22
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by Trey Winston » Mar 28th, '08, 06:22

I like green tea a lot, but it tends to take a back seat to my white addiction. More Silver Needle today.

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Mar 28th, '08, 07:06
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by olivierco » Mar 28th, '08, 07:06

Green tea (mostly Japanese) has been my favourite for the last two years, but I drink many other teas as well.

This morning Yunnan Golden tips for breakfast.

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Mar 28th, '08, 09:13
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by TimeforTea » Mar 28th, '08, 09:13

I like green tea, and have it on most days. I do plan on learning more about green tea, since I would like to have it be my main source of tea. My favorite so far has been adagio's gyokuro and Harney & Sons' sencha. Once sincha arrives, I plan to place an order with Den's.

With oolong still on the brain this morning, I ventured into my little sample of milk oolong from teacuppa. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure if I brewed it correctly. The taste wasn't that different from other oolongs. I used 2 heaping tsp for 16 ounces, 180 degrees, 5 minutes. I'll see how the second steep turns out.

I see that Tenuki hasn't voted yet, as there is still a zero next to "I have no desire to try those grass clippings brewed ; )" :lol:

Edit: Just resteeped the milk oolong, 180 degrees, 3 minutes. Slightly creamier than the first steep, but I think I'm missing something here... V, feel free to chime in.
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Mar 28th, '08, 09:21
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by RussianSoul » Mar 28th, '08, 09:21

Japanese Green is my new-found love! I have it every day. When I can't have it, like during recent travels when I only took black tea with me, I really miss it.

Having Scottish Breakfast for breakfast and having my doubts about it. It is an OK tea, but not as good as some of my morning Assams. It is not so bad to deserve to be thrown out, but doesn't have enough personality, kinda dull. Hhmmm....

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Mar 28th, '08, 09:54
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by henley » Mar 28th, '08, 09:54

I've only tried about 3 or 4 green teas but didn't like ANY that I tried. Y'all can keep the grass clippings & enjoy them.:wink: I'm happy w/my black & oolong teas.

This morning's tea was winter's blend by SpecialTeas. It was suppose to be apples, cinnamon & vanilla but was very disappointing. Don't know how the rest of you feel about that company but of the samples I got from them, I've not been overly impressed w/any of their teas. Will stick w/Adagio & H&S for future orders. Have a great TeaDay!

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Mar 28th, '08, 09:55
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by knix » Mar 28th, '08, 09:55

I like green tea also. I love the earthy taste to it.

This morning I have had genmai cha, green pekoe, and citron green. Next I am moving to my white sampler and then to my rooibos. I plan on drinking at least 10 cups today.

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Mar 28th, '08, 10:00
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by Victoria » Mar 28th, '08, 10:00

I haven't found a green yet that I really, really love. But admittedly I haven't tried that many. The most enjoyable so far has been matcha. I will keep trying different ones as I go along, and we'll see what happens. For now oolongs are center stage and I can't even fathom loving something more.

My breakfast cup - Yunnan Gold

Teasweetie - up your temp.
5 mins.

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Mar 28th, '08, 10:45
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by daughteroftheKing » Mar 28th, '08, 10:45

It took me a while to like greens. Stash's green & white fusion helped me ease into them (that was also my intro to whites), and White Monkey is one of my favorites since it's so mild. A few times a week, though, gotta have some Gyokuro and (separately) Luan Gua Pian.

Already on 3rd tea today and it isn't even 9:00. My Flintridge Chai blend as a base for a morning smoothie. Then Pai Mu Tan blended with peppercorns and pineapple I got from a local vender. Now getting serious with Oolong 40 (Adagio) with a few rosebuds tossed in.

Yeah, it's FRIDAY!

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Mar 28th, '08, 11:46
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by hop_goblin » Mar 28th, '08, 11:46

I am just starting to get into greens. I just recieved some TaiPing and it is delicious.

Mar 28th, '08, 11:53
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by Proinsias » Mar 28th, '08, 11:53

Green is good. Like most teas I could say that green is my favourite. It just depends what time of the day, week or year you catch me.

Mar 28th, '08, 12:01
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by Pentox » Mar 28th, '08, 12:01

Oh man, who would ever want to suck down some of those green grass clippings. >.>

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Mar 28th, '08, 12:23
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by Katmandu » Mar 28th, '08, 12:23

I love green tea, make sure to have it every day for sure!! Im just trying to adapt my palate to chinese greens after drinking so many japanese greens all the time. The Chinese greens are so mild comparatively, but Im trying to get used to it. :wink: