Tea Music? What is yours.

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Mar 18th, '08, 00:25
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Tea Music? What is yours.

by devites » Mar 18th, '08, 00:25

Mine is Iron and Wine, as well as Joe Hisaishi. Linked is Joe Hisaishi's song Asian Xtc

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Mar 18th, '08, 01:17
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by Sam. » Mar 18th, '08, 01:17

I've never listened to that much Iron & Wine, but it's not bad stuff. I've never heard of Joe Hisaishi but I absolutely loved that video and I want to find more by him!

Mar 18th, '08, 01:24
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by devites » Mar 18th, '08, 01:24

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Mar 18th, '08, 01:50
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by Wesli » Mar 18th, '08, 01:50

Ibiza trance is always good (Humate - Love Simulation).

But I really just leave on whatever is playing.

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Mar 18th, '08, 04:58
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by Space Samurai » Mar 18th, '08, 04:58

Damien Rice with my matcha makes me happy.

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Mar 18th, '08, 05:33
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by Trey Winston » Mar 18th, '08, 05:33

Depends. Since I drink tea while working, I usually have some calm lounge-style music in the background. Something like this: http://magnatune.com/artists/general_fuzz

And sometimes shakuhachi stuff.

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Mar 18th, '08, 05:39
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by MoGa » Mar 18th, '08, 05:39

Teresa Teng.

Mar 18th, '08, 08:52
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by Buzz Fledderjohn » Mar 18th, '08, 08:52

He does the soundtracks for a lot of the Studio Ghibli movies

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Mar 18th, '08, 10:23
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by insanitylater » Mar 18th, '08, 10:23

usually some nice folk/country/singer songwriter stuff
some of the artists i love that have released albums in the last two years


if anyone thinks good music isn't being released anymore they just are not looking hard enough

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Mar 18th, '08, 11:17
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by xine » Mar 18th, '08, 11:17

hey guys...just moved this under 'other'. There is also some older music threads here:


There is a link up there about green tea and music too :)

As for mee....Iron and Wine is pretty awesome. Lately I've been in the mood for French pop (Francoise Hardy, Carla Bruni), Canadian indie (broken social scene, arcade fire, stars, feist, do say make think, kevin drew, etc), and the smiths. cos the smiths own. OH, and movie soundtracks too as of late- The Darjeeling Limited, atonement, juno, there will be blood, ...

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Mar 18th, '08, 11:28
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by insanitylater » Mar 18th, '08, 11:28

not unknown but france gall and chantal goya are two other lovely french pop singers

chantal goya was the lead in

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Mar 18th, '08, 12:43
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by xine » Mar 18th, '08, 12:43

This movie is on my netflix- i'm not a huge-huge fan of french new wave cinema, but like I said sucker for all things french :) Thanks for the rec's! I'll have to check those two out as well.

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Mar 21st, '08, 22:54
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 21st, '08, 22:54

Honestly, I never listen to music while drinking tea. I find it more peaceful just to have nice peace and quiet. Usually I am doing some sort of school work, etc.

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Mar 30th, '08, 11:01
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by chrl42 » Mar 30th, '08, 11:01

Any music that accompanies a erhu! Or German lieder will do.

Mar 30th, '08, 11:07
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by Beanbean » Mar 30th, '08, 11:07

Mark Knopfler with anything makes me happy. :D In fact, when I saw Mark Knopfler at Red Rocks three summers ago (I have tickets for this June as well!), he actually took a tea break during his set. Seriously. He sent his union players off stage, pulled up an amplifier and had one of the roadies bring out a cup of tea...tea bag, but still. White china with saucer. It made me love him more! 8)

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