Apr 2nd, '08, 13:25
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TEA ZONE / CAMELLIA LOUNGE in Portland, OR. Tea Cocktails!!!

by BobNod » Apr 2nd, '08, 13:25

Hello Tea LOVERS!!!.....
I just wanted to let you all know about a place I recently discovered in the beautiful city of Portland, OR. it's called the TEA ZONE / CAMELLIA LOUNGE and it located on 11th Ave. between Glisan and Hoyt in the artsy Pearl District downtown. 100+ selections of some of the best teas in the NW / West Coast, from 1st Flush Darjeelings to Puerhs, Oolongs, Flowering, to White, Green, Black, Tisanes and anything else you could imagine!!! They also have an quaint food menu & At night they have The Camellia Lounge which serves a wide variety of ORIGINAL Tea Infused cocktails in a perfect atmosphere. CHECK IT OUT for SURE!!!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!!

ps....you can mailorder ALL kinds of Teas as well as Tea products!!!

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Apr 2nd, '08, 13:37
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by scruffmcgruff » Apr 2nd, '08, 13:37

You can really tell how ZOMG X-TREME this place is by the FREQUENT USE OF THE CAPS LOCK KEY!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!

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Apr 2nd, '08, 17:34
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by Mary R » Apr 2nd, '08, 17:34

*snurk!* :lol:

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Apr 2nd, '08, 18:03
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by Chip » Apr 2nd, '08, 18:03

...smells of false testimonial...just sayin...

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Apr 2nd, '08, 21:50
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by Space Samurai » Apr 2nd, '08, 21:50

I got this in an email today. Word for word.

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Apr 2nd, '08, 22:10
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by Chip » Apr 2nd, '08, 22:10

...then I guess I am just sayin...again....false testimonial stench.

But the linky is gone and IF POSTED AGAIN...POOF (intentioal usage of caps, seemed to be the trend)

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Apr 3rd, '08, 09:08
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by Mary R » Apr 3rd, '08, 09:08

I can has zappage?

Seriously, though...if we're all in agreement that this is basically tea spam, shouldn't we eliminate the thread?

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Apr 3rd, '08, 11:49
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by GeoffK » Apr 3rd, '08, 11:49

Really strange The Tea Zone would resort to spamming a tea forum. Unless they've hired an internet marketing guy to help them get the word out. I'll mention it the next time I go in there.

An unbiased view of this place (as I live in Portland).

The Good:
They stock some great teas. One of their suppliers of Oolong (who runs J-Tea in Eugene) knows his stuff and so his Oolongs are worth the trip.

Their bubble teas are fantastic. Much better than the powdery crap you get at most places in town.

The back lounge is cool and a great place to get a tea infused cocktail.

The Bad:
They serve almost everything English style - big pots. They do this even for Pu-erhs and oolongs.

You can ask for a Gaiwan but if you do they tend to go way to light on the tea. I've looked in my Gaiwan and counted less than a dozen rolled oolong leaves.

Their tea is spendy. At $10/$12 an OZ for many high grade oolongs they've marked some of their teas up way too high.

The vibe in the front part of the cafe is less than amazing. But the lounge in the back makes up for it.

I asked if they do gong fu style and they said you need to book it in advance ad do it as a group?!?!

Having been to Seattle lately and visiting Teahouse Kuan Yin I just don't think there's an excuse for any tea house not to get it right, especially when serving oolongs.

So that's a REAL take on The Tea Zone

Apr 3rd, '08, 16:59
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by Proinsias » Apr 3rd, '08, 16:59

and the only thing worth using caps for was to highlight the amount of tea you get for your money.

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Jul 1st, '08, 03:16
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by Geekgirl » Jul 1st, '08, 03:16

wow, was looking for something on Teahouses in Seattle, found this instead, and I think GeoffK's review is right on.

I really want to love this place, since I'm down in that part of town often enough to stop in regularly. And although you can get iced tea brewed from anything they have in the store, (which is great,) the tea shop service is sometimes surly, and usually slow and distracted. They are also very stingy with the leaf on some of their teas. I was in there today, and ordered an iced wuyi. Even though it was brewed correctly, there was so little leaf used that the tea liquid was pale, pale yellow/tan after infusion, and the taste was light. Not refreshing light, just "use more leaf" light.

The leaf prices though are the real reason I can't love this place like Mr ZOMGBBQ!!!11! from April clearly does. $10/$12 oz is now the starting point for some of their "rare" teas. Um, no thank you. They do have some great teas, and some yummy snacks, and the lounge IS way far-out-cool. hehe. I just wished they cared more about the tearoom portion, and that the loose leaf wasn't so ridiculously overpriced.

I look forward to visiting some tea places in Seattle soon, and will have to get a short list of "don't miss" places.

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