Apr 7th, '08, 16:49
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hellooo & could anyone help me?

by Suzan » Apr 7th, '08, 16:49

I'm Suzan, I live in the Netherlands and I'm nearly 18 years old. Last summer my cousin gave me a starbucks thermos and that's when my tea obsession started. I take that thermos with me everywhere, in the train, to the tennisclub, to the supermarket etc. I usually drink either strong earl grey tea with a little bit of milk or rooibos.

I found this forum by google search because I'm trying to find information about tea for my English presentation on Wednesday. The thing is there's soooo much you can say about tea and the presentation is only 10 minutes. I'm not sure what to do really. So, some help would be much appreciated.

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Apr 7th, '08, 16:54
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by Chip » Apr 7th, '08, 16:54

Yikes...only 10 minutes...

Welcome Suzan from the Netherlands!

Focus on one topic...such as the 6 different types of tea. Or the most common 4 types.

Or a brief history of Earl Grey and follow up with Earl Grey today.

There are so many potential topics.

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Apr 7th, '08, 17:01
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by Victoria » Apr 7th, '08, 17:01

Welcome Suzan!! I have a good friend there in Boskoop!

Chip is right, I would focus on describing the 4 main types: Black, Oolong, Green, White. And that they are all from the same species of plant the camellia sinensis.

Check back and let it us know how it goes!

Het succes!

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Apr 7th, '08, 17:03
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by fencerdenoctum » Apr 7th, '08, 17:03

Suzan from the Netherlands,

Welcome to Teachat! I too started my tea addiction due to Earl Grey. Glad to have you with us!

I agree with chip, there is so much to talk about when it comes to tea so I'd stick with one topic. Talking about the origins of earl grey would be a great topic since there are so many "theories" on its existence.

You could talk about preparation. Just how to make a good cup and since you are brewing "western" style, you could talk about Victorian tea rooms, and things about black tea.

Check out articles on Teamuse (look at teh top bar of teachat) and read up a little and you should do just fine!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

Apr 10th, '08, 14:48
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by Suzan » Apr 10th, '08, 14:48

Thanks Chip, Victoria and fencerdenoctum,

The presentation went okay, only I carried on too long. The teacher had to tell me to stop so I didn't have the chance to make up a proper ending. I talked about the tea myth, the four types of tea, afternoon tea, coffeehouses and tea gardens. I'm not sure what else mentioned, I mean I hadn't really prepared, so I had to improvise and it turned out a bit chaotic. :lol: I also brought some tea with me to show everyone (Assam Melange, Irish Breakfast, China Kwai Flower Blend and Honeybusch Original), which they seemed to enjoy.

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Apr 10th, '08, 15:18
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by Sam. » Apr 10th, '08, 15:18

Sounds like a very nice presentation, Suzan. Welcome to TeaChat!

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Apr 10th, '08, 15:27
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by Victoria » Apr 10th, '08, 15:27

Sounds like it went well to me, especially to end with tea!

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Apr 19th, '08, 13:49
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by joelbct » Apr 19th, '08, 13:49

Suzan wrote:I talked about the tea myth
Welcome, tea is the best obsession. But what's the tea myth?

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