New member with some questions

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Apr 9th, '08, 21:08
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New member with some questions

by Emily76 » Apr 9th, '08, 21:08

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to wean myself off sodas and replace them with healthy tea. A friend sent me some Teavana flavored green teas and I really liked them. Love the ones with chunks of strawberry and stuff like that. But Teavana is so pricey and adagio seems more reasonable. Can anybody tell me what the adagio flavored teas are like? Specifically, is it black tea that is flavored? Is any of it green tea? I'm thinking about ordering some sample packs to see what the tea is like.

Also, does anybody have any coupons to share before I place my first order?


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Apr 10th, '08, 00:23
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by Mary R » Apr 10th, '08, 00:23

Everything listed under the "Flavors" section on the Adagio homepage is flavored black tea. However, if you look under oolong, green, and white, you'll find a few flavored options there, too. I'm particularly fond of the grapefruit oolong and the Valentine's black (cherry and chocolate), if you'd like any recommendations. Most of the flavors are also available as blend options, so you can combine to your heart's content.

I've e-mailed you a $5 coupon. I hope you enjoy!

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Apr 10th, '08, 11:49
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by xine » Apr 10th, '08, 11:49

Hey Emily! WElcome to our forum! Mary's done a good job explaining about Adagio's flavored teas. My favorites are the apricot green, white blueberry, mango black. Also check out our herbal fruit blends- they're good to mix with regular teas as well.

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Apr 10th, '08, 11:57
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by olivierco » Apr 10th, '08, 11:57

I highly recommend jasmine pearls

Apr 10th, '08, 20:12
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by eponine454 » Apr 10th, '08, 20:12

Hi Emily! I'm new to tea too, so I don't have anything to suggest. In fact, I just received my first Adagio order today. I went with samples of all the different types (well, no white this time around.) To see what is yummiest to me....I know they all smell yummy! I'm about to go have a cup....

Have fun experimenting!

Apr 10th, '08, 20:53
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Getting started!

by Emily76 » Apr 10th, '08, 20:53

Thanks for the advice! I'm not sure I like the taste/smell of Jasmine so I might pass on the Jasmine pearls, although I bet they would be gorgeous in your cup. I decided a Green tea sampler was the way to get started. I was thinking if the tea is good quality maybe you don't even need the flavors.

Thanks for telling me some of the greens are flavored; I honestly didn't notice that looking on my own.

One thing I have noticed about green tea is that the temperature of the water is really important. If it's too hot (boiling) your tea tastes bitter after steeping. I used to stand there obsessively with a thermometer waiting for the water to cool enough to steep. Then I figured out that I can wait until the water boils and then pour it into a room temperature mug, which cools the water a little and warms the mug. Then I pour the water into the steeper and it's just the right temperature. I'm sure the experts have a better system but this seems to work for me.

Apr 10th, '08, 20:55
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by eponine454 » Apr 10th, '08, 20:55

That sounds like a very clever way to kill two birds with one stone!

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Apr 10th, '08, 22:12
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Re: Getting started!

by witches brew » Apr 10th, '08, 22:12

Emily76 wrote: One thing I have noticed about green tea is that the temperature of the water is really important.
Hi Emily, and welcome!

You're right about temperature being important. I've read that each time you pour the water to another container, it drops 10 degrees fahrenheit. So, you can pour the water into a second mug to cool it an additional time.

When I make green tea (sencha), I usually pour like this:

Kettle to cups
Cups to water bowl
Water bowl to teapot

That's worked to make a very flavorful tea that isn't bitter. I drink a decaf sencha, which the purists here tend to laugh at, but by brewing it very carefully, I do manage to coax out a good flavor. Working with a better tea, you should have no problems.


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Apr 26th, '08, 03:32
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by Chip » Apr 26th, '08, 03:32

Hi Emily, good luck with sustituting tea for negatives in your life.

Welcome to TeaChat and I look forward to seeing you on the forum and sharing many cups with you on TeaDay!

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