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Apr 18th, '08, 11:54
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Irish Breakfast

by knix » Apr 18th, '08, 11:54

I, Xine endorse Knix, who's been with us for almost a month. :)

I bought a 4oz Tin from Adagio, and I am not really digging the black tea. There is about 3/4 left in the tin. Anyone want to swap for some oolong, pu-erh, or a gaiwan?

I will even throw in a 1oz sampler of Blackberry Tea from Fava.

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Apr 18th, '08, 14:50
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by omegapd » Apr 18th, '08, 14:50


If someone else doesn't come along, I'd be interested but don't have much oolong or any pu-erh to get rid of. I can set you up with some greens and a white, though. Fill me in over PM in a couple days if somebody doesn't offer what you're looking for. Thanks.


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Apr 18th, '08, 16:01
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by henley » Apr 18th, '08, 16:01

omegapd wrote:If someone else doesn't come along, I'd be interested..
Had a feeling you'd be signing up for this trade. :wink: