Satterday TeaDay 4/19/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

This sounds easy...or is it. Which is your favorite...your tea or your teaware

Tea hands down, without it there would be no teaware
Close, but I say tea, I love both
It is a tie...I cannot choose one
Close, but I say teaware
Clearly it is teaware. My teaware will last a lifetime, my tea a month
No votes
Total votes: 52

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Apr 19th, '08, 02:41
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Satterday TeaDay 4/19/08

by Chip » Apr 19th, '08, 02:41

Yesterday's poll indicated responders were overwhelmingly influenced by TeaChat/TeaDay to try new teas that they were not planning on trying. Only one vote said definitely not. The discussion was very interesting. You may still vote or reply to yesterday's topic.

Welcome EVERYONE to TeaDay. Please brew some tea and share with us what is in your cup today. Remember to stop back often and provide us with updates. If you must, refect back on your TeaDay. Of course, check out what is in everyone elses cup as well, lots of fun in that!!!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic sounds simple, maybe. But think about it a bit before responding...take a look at your precious teaware that also brings many of us a lot of joy. So, which is your favorite...your tea or your teaware??? Share with us what decision you made.

I look forward to hearing from all of you on TeaDay. Cheers.

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Apr 19th, '08, 02:59
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by Space Samurai » Apr 19th, '08, 02:59

I really, really love my teaware.

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Apr 19th, '08, 03:04
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by Chip » Apr 19th, '08, 03:04

Space Samurai wrote:I really, really love my teaware.
You actually saved me today Space. I was staring into "space" wondering what the poll would be...and could not for the life of me think of anything. Then I glanced down and saw you on the IM...and :idea: :idea: :idea: ...literally, you inspired the poll in a second.

So, thanx to you and your love for your teaware (that I also love and admire from afar) for today's poll and topic.

I have a feeling I will look towards members for this inspiration in the future.

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Apr 19th, '08, 03:15
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by omegapd » Apr 19th, '08, 03:15

Close, but I have a favorite Yixing pot that can make any tea taste better than it really is. Gotta go with teaware just for that...


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Apr 19th, '08, 03:21
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by Trioxin » Apr 19th, '08, 03:21

I'm all about the tea. My Yixings are simply for brewing, and It's actually been a while since I've taken down one of my teacups. Still though, I do try to get nice things.

Currently drinking 2007 Glenburn FF Darjeeling, and I think its about ready for the trash. Hmmm... maybe a 2008 Castleton Moonlight next.

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Apr 19th, '08, 03:56
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by chrl42 » Apr 19th, '08, 03:56

Just changed my yixing teapot from cheap zhuni to normal hongni. And it brews 2 times faster and taste more stronger without losing aroma.
It made me clear why clay matters much in yixing teapot.

So that said, I think tea and teapot goes the same way.

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Apr 19th, '08, 04:01
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by Space Samurai » Apr 19th, '08, 04:01

Awesome Chip, glad I could help.

My teaware addiction is threatening to expand into a general love of Japanese pottery. Right now I'm looking at these plates:


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Apr 19th, '08, 04:05
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by Salsero » Apr 19th, '08, 04:05

Trioxin wrote:maybe a 2008 Castleton Moonlight next.
NEXT? Didn't you notice it is 2:21 am your time? Go to bed, dude.

Chip, I think you are being very divisive in trying to make us choose between our tea and our teaware. This is not a road I'm sure I want to travel! :lol:

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Apr 19th, '08, 04:21
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by Terrasi » Apr 19th, '08, 04:21

All I own is an ingenuitea, so I guess I prefer my tea. Even if I had some teaware to brag about, I couldn't imagine liking teaware more than the tea.

In my cup: jasmine pearls = Mmmmm

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Apr 19th, '08, 04:55
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by Trey Winston » Apr 19th, '08, 04:55

Tea, no question. I have still to buy a single piece of tea paraphernalia. But I'm sure I'll get bitten by the bug at some point.

I have to say I like the increasingly creative spelling of the weekdays, Chip :D

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Apr 19th, '08, 06:24
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 19th, '08, 06:24

While I do have a couple of exquisite Korean tea cups, which someday I'll figure out how to share pics of, and a teapot I adore, I have to say tea. I haven't, as recently discussed, geeked out over making tea. (:oops: can I say that?) The tea is where it's at for me. Besides, while the teacups are gorgeous, I've never even used them! :lol:

This morning, more Earl Grey Bravo, not a permanent switch from my beloved Irish Breakfast, but a short vacay.

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Apr 19th, '08, 07:30
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by augie » Apr 19th, '08, 07:30

I'm torn. Of course, tea comes first. And you can drink tea from any cup, but why?

Looking at the pictures of everone's recent purchases is almost as exciting as opening a UPS pkg and receiving my own. There have been many times I have decided to or not to make a purchase based on reading someone elses' post. And besides, where else can you post a picture of your tea stash and get thanks from others?

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Apr 19th, '08, 08:04
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by Ed » Apr 19th, '08, 08:04

It's all about the tea.

Drinking genmaicha matcha iri this morning.

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Apr 19th, '08, 09:09
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by witches brew » Apr 19th, '08, 09:09

It should be all about the harmony between the tea and the teaware, but I have to admit a certain fondness for my small but GROWING collection of teaware.

Would the tea taste as good from an old, chipped cup? I honestly don't know. I am a visual person, and bringing together a harmonious tray of teaware is a delight to me.

And on that beautiful tray this morning, my first cup of genmaicha from Adagio. OOOOH. This is like eating a rice cracker and drinking tea at the same time. The aroma is so toasty and the tea is sweet.

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Apr 19th, '08, 09:36
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by TimeforTea » Apr 19th, '08, 09:36

Definitely tea. I have been quite disciplined with my teaware purchases. However, once I get a hang of brewing all my teas properly, and once I actually drink all of my tea yet to try, I am sure I will start eyeing some teaware...

This morning, I am drinking Lu An Gua Pian (Emerald Petals). I am glad I used my scale for this one, as I have been using too few leaves with fluffier teas...still not eyeballing it quite right.