Sep 2nd, '05, 20:09
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Green Tea Newbee - Recommendations, please?

by SP » Sep 2nd, '05, 20:09

Hello! I am very green to the green tea drinker's society. For the health benefits suggested with green teas, I am determined to "love" green teas. I have been diagnosed with liver disease and am open to all things reported to assist the body in this area. I am looking for a very smooth, light taste in tea with no oilly after taste, as I've experienced in some of the green teas I've had before. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you in advance for your assistance. SP

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Sep 3rd, '05, 12:44
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Contact: PeteVu

by PeteVu » Sep 3rd, '05, 12:44

this question never stops coming up, but the answer is always the same. every kind of tea will give you the antioxidants you are looking for. the best thing you can do is find a couple teas that you love to drink, instead of thinking of this as a chore. Tea is one of the few things where i can claim that even if it were not healty, i would still drink down a pot a day. adagio is one of the best places to start because they have everything in a very practical sample size. if youve never had anything but a teabag before you will be pleasantly surprised by the depth of any tea you find here. if u want lighter teas then any white tea and most greens is definately the way to go. for a few to start you off i would suggest citron green, dragon well, genmai cha, kukicha, hojicha, silver needle, song yang, and snowbud. just kick out that old notion that anything thats good for your body must taste bad. tea isnt in your pharmacy; you dont take it by the teaspoon.

Sep 3rd, '05, 13:38

by Guest » Sep 3rd, '05, 13:38

Dear PeteVu, thank you very much for your suggestions, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Someone who knows teas well and can recommend them. Thanks again, I will try each one of your suggestions. SP

Nov 12th, '05, 17:23
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tea taste

by crosseyed » Nov 12th, '05, 17:23

Tea has always been healthy. What is more important is taste. The tea's in Japan taste very different in different regions. Shizouka is light while the Uji tea's are more full flavoured. Focus on the taste. Tea is compared to wine in Asia. Estates, regions, etc. Some tea's are worth thousands per kilogram! If you are only focusing on health instead of taste then you are missing 99% of why tea is the the most popular drink in the world.

Jan 14th, '06, 17:44
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by garden gal » Jan 14th, '06, 17:44

I ordered a green sampler thinking the same way. Just drink it down-it's good for you. That was until I tasted Adagio's green teas. I had always bought grocery/health? food store bagged green tea- boiled it and steeped it until I remembered it. I have the trinitea now, set the time, added the 20% cool water and have not found a tea I don't like in the sampler. This is so different. I do add a pinch of stevia as I like them a little sweet (1/32 of a tsp per 12oz cup). The old teas are going into facial scrubs.
Don't base your opinion of green teas on the "commercially" bagged type teas.

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