Wednesday is TeaDay 4/23/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Most of us think we know how to brew, I think! How would you rate your own prowess around the teapot?

A perfect 10, I can out brew anyone...I know ; )
No votes
8-9 I like to think I am exceptionally proficient at brewing
6-7 I am smarter than the average brewer, BooBoo
4-5 I think I am getting there, but hang on the words of other brewers
2-3 I am green, but learning
1 How do I boil water?
No votes
0 My brew tastes like coffee
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Total votes: 55

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Apr 23rd, '08, 03:28
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Wednesday is TeaDay 4/23/08

by Chip » Apr 23rd, '08, 03:28

Yesterday, we found out if you were born in April, you probably liked tea, but if you were born in were doomed to a life of coffee!!! Check out yesterday's poll and you can still vote and post if you would like.

Welcome to TeaDay on TeaChat. Fill a pot and come share what is in your cup through out the day. Be sure to check out what everyone else is sipping as well. If you must, you can reflect back on your TeaDay as well.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is about how we would rate our tea brewing skills. This has the potential to sound boastful. Try not to view it that way. Just share where you would rate yourself. This is not about modesty, or boastfulness, just be honest, that is all. And do not compare yourself to a 12th level TeaMaster Monk in China, unless you are living in China. Have some fun with this.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on!
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Apr 23rd, '08, 03:51
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by Trioxin » Apr 23rd, '08, 03:51

For my purposes, I think I'm pretty damn good. Add leaves, add water, wait. Repeat if necessary. Not too difficult, and seems to do the trick. The whole ceremonial brewing and what not doesn't interest me at all.

Currently drinking 2008 Thurbo estate tippy clonal Darjeeling.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 03:57
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by Trey Winston » Apr 23rd, '08, 03:57

I know how to do it right, I just usually don't go through all the motions. And steeping one cup at a time is just too tedious, so I brew about a liter at a time.

Down to the lower half of my first liter of SN today.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 04:21
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by Terrasi » Apr 23rd, '08, 04:21

I chose 2-3 because I only know what it says on all the tea boxes. I know generic times, temps, etc. I just don't know the small differences all tea has. I'll slowly learn this stuff though, don't worry about me.

I got green tea to come out good ONCE, I am proud of myself.

In my cup now: Nothing, actually... I can't find my cup.

When I find it (dishwasher probably), then I'll have me some TKY.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 04:31
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by olivierco » Apr 23rd, '08, 04:31

After some years of tea brewing, I am able to brew my teas and obtain tastes that I like.

This morning Yunnan Golden Tips.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 04:33
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by tenuki » Apr 23rd, '08, 04:33

I am learning still so I put down 2-3. Someday I'll get it right and immediately lose interest.
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Apr 23rd, '08, 06:00
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by Beidao » Apr 23rd, '08, 06:00

Just emptied a cup of Yunnan FOP, before that it was two cups of Darjeeling FTGFOP1. Next will be Yunnan Gold.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 06:25
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by augie » Apr 23rd, '08, 06:25

Where is the "other" choice?

No matter how good I get there is always some smarty pants who is much more better than me.

Today is going to be an i ced tea day -- 78 degrees!

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Apr 23rd, '08, 08:25
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by GalileosDaughter » Apr 23rd, '08, 08:25

I have over-steeped and under-steeped.

I never get the temperature just right.

I have broken a teapot.

Guess what my answer was? :oops:

On a positive note, drinking my first cup of genmai-cha. Ever. I love it!!

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Apr 23rd, '08, 08:39
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by TimeforTea » Apr 23rd, '08, 08:39

I'm between a 2-3 and a 4-5, though probably closer to a 4-5.
I expect to see a couple of 10's from certain posters!

This morning...another mug of Tazo Ginger Green. :(

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Apr 23rd, '08, 09:00
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by ThinkingOutLoud » Apr 23rd, '08, 09:00

I consider myself a 2-3, for sure. I buy only from Adagio, except for the occasional inspired local purchase. I read what they tell me on the label and do what it says. Nothing mystical, artsy, or overly thoughtout here. I do what they say and if I like the tea, I buy it again. I do really enjoy reading the postings of you tea magicians, though!

This morning, some Earl Grey Bravo from my shipment yesterday.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 09:02
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by Katrina » Apr 23rd, '08, 09:02

Probably 4 - 5 mostly because as I get consistent with brewing teas I decide to try new types, new teaware, and make sure it keeps getting complicated. :D

Decaf coffee in the cup right now but only because there will be much tea in my future today. I'm going into Boston for the afternoon and intend to to fill myself with as much tea as I can fit from as many places as I can find in my few hours off. :wink:

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Apr 23rd, '08, 09:06
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by olivierco » Apr 23rd, '08, 09:06

Houjicha with my lunch and Matcha Wakamastu no mukashi (Ippodo) this afternoon. Nice color, easy to brew, nice taste with only a very slight touch of astringency.

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Apr 23rd, '08, 09:12
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by insanitylater » Apr 23rd, '08, 09:12

about a 4-5 i very rarely make tea i don't think is delicious. i still follow guidelines though but i want to veer off when i have more of a particular tea

no tea yet but i'll make some english breaskfast with honey and milk after my shower. i almost tried for a 4th song yang brewing but i don't like the idea of reusing leaves and not using boiling water

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Apr 23rd, '08, 09:24
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by henley » Apr 23rd, '08, 09:24

I'll say 5.5 but I don't drink some of the fussier teas. It's hard to screw up black tea unless it steeps too long & the darker oolongs seem quite forgiving, too.

Enjoying a pot of Oolong #8 this morning.