Help me pick one of each

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Nov 16th, '05, 17:10

Help me pick one of each

by love4God » Nov 16th, '05, 17:10

Hi all,

I am new to Adagio and new to loose tea. I just received my black tea sampler a few days ago and have been blown away with how good tea can really be. My wife has jokingly told me to slow down and thinks I'm developing an addiction. :D

Anyway, I am now a reformed teabag drinker. I have no idea what roobios is, white tea, and have only heard of oolong and green tea. I want to put together a sampler for myself of one good introduction tea from each type. I already have some black teas. I also think I'll just pick a flavor that I like for flavored tea and chamomile for herbal since I've always heard of it. So that leaves:


Any suggestions on a good introduction to those types of tea which I have never had before. I just want a general idea of what they taste like and what is different about the tea types.


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Nov 16th, '05, 17:33
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by LavenderPekoe » Nov 16th, '05, 17:33

Oolong - Pouchong or Ti Kuan Yin. It depends on how strong you want to go. Pouchong is a lighter flavor, I think.
White - Ask Tad, she is the white drinker, but I think I would go with the Assam.
Green - Hmm plain or flavored green? One of the favorites around here is apricot green, but if you want a just straight up green tea... Well, I don't know. I like the Morrocan mint blend which is gunpowder and peppermint, but I haven't found a green myself that I like plain.
Roobios - So far, Cinammon Apple is the only one I have even slightly liked. Rooibos is not something I reach for daily.

Nov 25th, '05, 20:10

Lot's of Rec's!

by Stacey » Nov 25th, '05, 20:10

Well, now thtat you've had quality loose tea you'll never be able to go back! I travel overseas for work a lot and I miss my teas so much!!

I can't have caffeine or decaffeinated, do to chronic migraines and cluster headaches. So I was thrilled to find Rooibos is the closest thing to the black tea flavor but herbal! The regular Rooibos is nice and I also LOVE the Earl Grey, but you have to be an Earl Grey fan, it is such a clean, fresh flavor - any other earl grey now tastes so processed that even my husband who can have caffenine has switched!!

I also love Adagio's Herbal Teas - another caffeine free option that helps me to feel less deprived! My favorites are Berry Blues, Fruit Medly and Wild Strawberry. The Chamomile is the best chamomile I've ever had!!

Make sure to get the IngenuiTea Pot - it is wonderful!!!

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Nov 25th, '05, 23:00
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by Tadiera » Nov 25th, '05, 23:00

With the white tea, I would most certainly go with the White Assam if you are new to white teas. It is reminiscent enough of a black tea that those used to black teas won't be too out of their league, but still a very, very good white (and perhaps my favourite of Adagio's whites!).

For the green tea, I would suggest the Citron Green. I positively adore that one.

With the oolong, I agree - Pouchong or TKY.

For rooibos, as an introduction, your best bet may be simply the Rooibos. :)

Jan 21st, '07, 15:17
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White Assam?

by lenny7 » Jan 21st, '07, 15:17

Tadiera wrote:With the white tea, I would most certainly go with the White Assam if you are new to white teas. It is reminiscent enough of a black tea that those used to black teas won't be too out of their league, but still a very, very good white (and perhaps my favourite of Adagio's whites!).

I realize this is an old thread...I'm going through some of the older posts to increase my knowledge and look for descriptions of some of the Adagio teas to see what I should try next.

As a black Assam lover, this white Assam mentioned above intrigues me, however I do not see it listed on the Adagio website. Is it no longer sold?

Jan 23rd, '07, 23:04
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by indieanna » Jan 23rd, '07, 23:04

I've tried about half of the rooibus flavors.. maybe more.. and I think the vanilla is the best. Its wonderful.

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Jan 24th, '07, 16:45
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by Mary R » Jan 24th, '07, 16:45

Totally missed that this was an old thread. Seeing as I've already written a long post, though...up it goes!

Oolong: A bit tricky because oolongs encompass a wide range of oxidation levels (10-80%) which drastically changes the taste. Pouchongs (10-20% oxidation) are *really* light and delicate. Ti Kuan Yin is a pretty good oolong to get acquainted with. It seems like every vendor carries a variation, and it's peachy taste is appealing. My favorite adagio oolong, though is Oolong #18. First time I tried it, I put my cup down and said, "Daaaaamn." The flavor gets even better with subsequent infusions with number 3 being what I consider the best.

White: Silver Needle is supposed to be the superior white, but I've got to say that I enjoy adagio's White Peony more. I think its sweeter and a little more full-bodied. It also seems that subsequent infusions never stop. I've steeped it up to 7 times before my bladder cried uncle.

Green: I'm not big on the green teas as a whole and the only one I've tried from adagio is the Citron Green. I wasn't too impressed with it. I did have a gyokuro through a different vendor, though, that I thought was amazing. It also is actually green when brewed, which I liked. A lot of people like a tea called genmaicha (adagio's is genmai cha), which has toasted rice and/or popcorn in it. Supposedly it tastes both sweet and nutty. Both the genmai cha and gyokuro will be on my next order from adagio. :)

Rooibos: If you haven't tried it before, you really should give unflavored rooibos a shot. It's interesting...more earthy and vegetal than black tea, but still strongly reminiscent of the best of black. Some people are reminded of (good) tobacco, but I didn't get that taste. I have a ton of plain rooibos, and would be happy to send you some. It's a little too vegetal for me plain, so I've taken to ignoring that stock. I prefer it with a sweet note, so I guzzle vanilla rooibos. It also makes a perfect pair with fruity tastes--I have one blend flavored with papaya and mango that I adore. Because rooibos doesn't have caffeine, a lot of people drink it in the evening, and adagio's foxtrot is great for a sleepy drink. The addition of chamomile and peppermint to the rooibos helps start a drowsy feeling.

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Jan 25th, '07, 00:28
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by TeaFanatic » Jan 25th, '07, 00:28

Interesting topic. I would go with these:

Black- You can't go wrong with Yunnan Gold here, a black tea with a slightly peppery taste, or for a little weaker black tea, the darjeeling #1.

Oolong- I'd recommend either the oolong #18, or the Ti Kuan Yin here.

Green- My two favorite adagio green's are the dragonwell, where is a nice green with a chestnutty type of flavor. My second favorite green is green anji, with a slightly more vegetal taste.

White- I personally find that snow bud suits my tastes more as far as whites go, but you can't go wrong with the silver needle either.

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