Nov 6th, '05, 20:01
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tea balls

by aydeet » Nov 6th, '05, 20:01

hello everyone.
I am new on this forum. I need to find a tea ball so I can enjoy my tea at work too. Where do I buy those in California?
aydeet : :P

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Nov 6th, '05, 23:16
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by teamuse » Nov 6th, '05, 23:16

have you ever considered a cup hanging infuser basket?
the problem i have found with a tea ball is that the leaves can't unfurl as well. but you should be able to find a tea ball in most stores including discount stores such as walmart or target in the kitchen section

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Nov 7th, '05, 11:57
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No Balls

by Madam Potts » Nov 7th, '05, 11:57

I've also found that tea balls do not properly infuse the tea. Imagine being a robust tea leaf with no room to diffuse your pleasant taste and would be an unhappy tea leaf. Infuser baskets are without a doubt the best thing going.

Nov 7th, '05, 22:00
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by Messorius » Nov 7th, '05, 22:00

Sears or a grocery store generally have one (get mesh, not one with holes punched in for best results). I buy the biggest I can fit in a mug. The one I have now was meant for use in a teapot, but it works well for a cuppa since there's less tea to take up room inside.

Whittards of Chelsea also sells really nice mugs with infusers, I have one of those too and adore it.

Nov 17th, '05, 12:05
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Tea Bags

by Luckys Geist » Nov 17th, '05, 12:05

I pack my own tea for work using the filter bags sold by Adagio. They are $3 for 100 ($0.03 each!). I pack them up at home. At work I heat some water, pop in a filter bag already filled with tea, let it steep, toss the bag...done! No cleanup and at such a small price, I don't have any intention of trying something new. The bags are fairly large and have a lot of room for the leaves to unfurl and do their magic.

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