Wednesday's TeaDay 4/30/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Yeah Spring suggested I ask, what kind of Kettle are you using to heat your water?

Stovetop Copper
No votes
Stovetop Glass
Stovetop Whistler
Stovetop Other
Plug in Stainless
Plug in Plastic
Plug in Glass
No votes
Plug in Other
The Microwave
Total votes: 62

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Apr 30th, '08, 03:34
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Wednesday's TeaDay 4/30/08

by Chip » Apr 30th, '08, 03:34

Yesterday, TeaChatters indicated that twice as many lived in the NE USA than any other region. It was a particularly brisk day on TeaDay and the forum as a whole. You may still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Once again, everyone, welcome to TeaDay! Brew some tea and share with everyone what is in your cup today...all day! Make sure you check out what other TeaChatters are sipping as well.

Today, Andy...or whatever he calls himself these days asked a question that should be worthy of discussion. How do you heat your water, what kind of kettle do you use? (I am not talking about a fancy brewing device, just the simple act of heating your water) We listed some options in the poll, but I am sure we have missed some. Will you be trying something new soon?

I am as always looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay.

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Apr 30th, '08, 04:14
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by olivierco » Apr 30th, '08, 04:14

No Zojirushi available in Europe, so I use a saucepan on my induction hob (I hope it is the correct denomination).

This morning sencha karigane after my usual keemun for breakfast

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Apr 30th, '08, 05:16
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by omegapd » Apr 30th, '08, 05:16

At home and for blacks, I have a stainless steel whistler.

At work and for greens, I just use an electric drip coffee maker to heat the water. Works better than using the microwave for my tastes.

Enjoying some of Adagio's Kukicha at work this morning...


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Apr 30th, '08, 06:28
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by augie » Apr 30th, '08, 06:28

I can't live with out my Utilitea at home. At work, I bought a Krups that has everything but the thermostat control. Wished I'd spent the extra $10 bucks and bought another U.Tea.

Happy Hump Day! It's all downhill from here to Friday.

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Apr 30th, '08, 07:17
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by Ron Gilmour » Apr 30th, '08, 07:17

At home I use this cheap and functional stainless stovetop model from Ikea:


At work we have a plug-in stainless.

Enjoying some organic Assam with milk this morning.

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Apr 30th, '08, 08:06
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by insanitylater » Apr 30th, '08, 08:06

utilitea :D

had some turmeric tea this morning and now i'm drinking a bottle of store bought unsweetened mate. new tea where are you :cry:

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Apr 30th, '08, 08:22
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by CynTEAa » Apr 30th, '08, 08:22

Using the stainless steel, plug in kind. Very handy when you are trying out a new doggie in the house. Didn't know the chaos we were in for. ;o) Tea becomes even more essential!

Anyway, happy TeaDay every one and a very special



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Apr 30th, '08, 08:45
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by TimeforTea » Apr 30th, '08, 08:45

I use the Utilitea. I was impressed with at first, but now I am not because the dial springs back between green and red. I would have liked something more accurate for heating up water for "just under boiling" oolongs.

This morning's tea choice: TC Da Ye Wuyi.


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Apr 30th, '08, 09:00
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by Beidao » Apr 30th, '08, 09:00

Have so far been drinkning Yunnan Gold. Now I wanted a big cup of usual Yunnan, but got a little bit turned of by the insect hip in it :shock:

Think it's a grass hopper. Yummy...

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Apr 30th, '08, 09:09
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by charizzi » Apr 30th, '08, 09:09

I generally use a stovetop whistler :) This morning I'm having some Kenyan black tea :D

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Apr 30th, '08, 09:46
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by Victoria » Apr 30th, '08, 09:46

I use the small size mini Ibis by Bodum.
Faster then the microwave and better tasting.

This morning's brew - Adagio's Ceylon Sonata.

Happy Birthday Xine!

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Apr 30th, '08, 09:49
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by olivierco » Apr 30th, '08, 09:49

Houjicha with my lunch, now Darjeeling Namring 2008 SFTGFOP1 in mycup

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Apr 30th, '08, 10:14
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by daughteroftheKing » Apr 30th, '08, 10:14

I use an Oster electric kettle (1 at home, 1 at work). Sure, they're plastic but function really well, so I shouldn't have to upgrade to something prettier for a good while.

Drinking Ooooh Darjeeling this morning.

Happy Birthday, Xine!

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Apr 30th, '08, 10:27
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by joelbct » Apr 30th, '08, 10:27


UtililTEA! This baby has served me well, going on 5 months now.

I would post a nice video review on adagio, but I had it on my list and my sister bought it for me for Xmas, and the site lets you review only items you bought yourself ;( [winking frown? ;)]

Oh and I just had an Assam Meleng for breakfast.

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Apr 30th, '08, 10:39
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by Aphroditea » Apr 30th, '08, 10:39

right now I have a whistler - but plan on getting the UtiliTEA when I get enough points collected up again. (Tea lover on a tight budget is a sad and pathetic thing!)

Since the stove is gas (which I love, but which is also expensive to run right now) it will be nice to have something that doesn't drive that bill up :)

In my cup - a bit of bolero, but yunnan gold sitting ready in the glass teapot for when I am done. (meds are making me sleepy - trying to counteract *grin*)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, XINE!!! Enjoy your sprinkles!