Christmas Tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Nov 19th, '05, 10:53

Christmas Tea

by Teatime » Nov 19th, '05, 10:53

This morning I am drinking Christmas Tea for the first time. It tastes so good!!!! It has a light sweetness to it. I used two sugar cubes but sometimes I plan on using one sugar cube and one teaspoon of honey.

I am so glad that this tea is offered all year round!!


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Nov 19th, '05, 12:20
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by Tadiera » Nov 19th, '05, 12:20

I have a sampler tin of the Christmas tea, but I've not yet tried it. I was curious if it was one of the sorts that benefits from milk or not. Would you think milk would be good in it? Or does just sugar (or honey) suit it well?

Nov 21st, '05, 20:24

by Teatime » Nov 21st, '05, 20:24

Tonight I had Christmas Tea with one cube of sugar and a teaspoon of honey. I prefer it this way than with two sugar cubes.

I also enjoy using honey it tea. It not only enhances the tea flavor but it is very good for the throat.


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