Friday's TeaDay 5/02/08

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In the month of April, your one favorite tea (flavored or not) was?

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Yerbe Mate
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Total votes: 63

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May 2nd, '08, 03:19
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Friday's TeaDay 5/02/08

by Chip » May 2nd, '08, 03:19

Yesterday, the overwhelming majority of TeaChatters indicated "Tea and Teaware" was their favorite category of TeaChat, "Welcome" was a distant 2nd. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome one and all to TeaDay, so pour a pot of brew and come share what is in your cup through out the day. Of course, be certain to check out what everyone else is sipping as well.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is the start of a new tradition. At the start of each month, I will ask what your fav tea was the previous month. How I ask it, may vary however. Today, I ask first of all, what type is it, then share something more about it, hopefully including why this topped your list for the month.

So, reflect about last month's teas, and share with us.

I am anxious to hear about your fav tea for April...and to hear what is in your cup today!

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May 2nd, '08, 03:21
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by omegapd » May 2nd, '08, 03:21

Favorite tea, every month, is always Red Rose. :lol: I just like it that much...

Enjoying some Adagio Green Pekoe at work this morning.


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May 2nd, '08, 04:30
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by Terrasi » May 2nd, '08, 04:30

I discovered yunnan gold, must I say more?

In my cup: guess

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May 2nd, '08, 05:12
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by Trioxin » May 2nd, '08, 05:12

Well, drinking was kind of a tie between Darjeelings and Pu, but purchases where all about the Pu.

Currently drinking... some 2006 Pu I really don't feel like looking up the name for at the moment.

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May 2nd, '08, 07:54
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 2nd, '08, 07:54

Citron Green was my fave for April. Something about moving into Spring made it sing for me.

This morning, Irish Breakfast with lots of lemon to try and fend off the virus that's making the rounds in our house.

Last night, I had a really fun cup of the sample Birthday Tea I got with my Adagio order. To me, it tasted like a slice of birthday cake. Who needs dessert when you have tea as sweet and yummy as that?

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May 2nd, '08, 09:29
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by Trey Winston » May 2nd, '08, 09:29

Being the most one-dimensional member of TeaChat, I can of course only report that Adagio's Silver Needle was my favorite for the third month running. (We ninjas are known for our uncompromising attitude towards the important things in life, of which tea ranks very highly.)

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May 2nd, '08, 09:40
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by Ron Gilmour » May 2nd, '08, 09:40

Chip, I think this is a really good idea for a poll. It will be interesting to see if our answers vary more or less than we expect.

Regarding my April, I have been drinking a lot of pu-erh as a result of our "studies in sheng" project over on the pu-erh list. But you did say "favorite" and not "most frequent." So, I'll have to vote black. As much fun as I've had sampling sheng, I don't think it will ever replace Darjeeling as my favorite tea. If you want a specific tea, I'd have to say Castleton Estate 1st Flush Darjeeling FTGFOP1.

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May 2nd, '08, 10:05
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by auggy » May 2nd, '08, 10:05

I voted green, specifically Den's Sencha fuka-midori. I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely smell, smoothness and the sweetness. Just really good.

Anxi oolong this morning for me. The last of that one. :(

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May 2nd, '08, 10:30
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by Victoria » May 2nd, '08, 10:30

Oolong of course. This poll is biased, even the poll itself probably added a few green votes. Or maybe every oolong vote is 2 votes for green. Yeah, that must be it. :wink:

My favorite oolong last month was a little number called Long Juan TQY. Sadly no longer available.

Yunnan Gold this morning.

Have a lovely day all!

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May 2nd, '08, 10:41
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by henley » May 2nd, '08, 10:41

Last month's favorite was by far oolong. I've found 3 that I really like: #8, #40 & pomegranate (just enjoy your grass clippings & keep your comments to yourself--you know who you are! :wink:). I'm looking forward to finding the apple & orange blossom oolongs that have been mentioned, too.

Off to make a cuppa #8 before heading out the door.

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May 2nd, '08, 10:41
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by witches brew » May 2nd, '08, 10:41

GREEN was my tea of choice for April. Two teas that I really enjoyed all month were Adagio's genmaicha and ItoEn's sakura sencha.

I will carry on with both until I run out of them.

This morning's cup is something completely different, my old favorite Rooibos Tropica.

May 2nd, '08, 11:11
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by Beanbean » May 2nd, '08, 11:11

Though I tried several greens, oolongs and even puerh (bleh) in April, black is still my go to tea. It's a tough habit to break...not that I want to.

Drinking Yunnan Gold this morning. Heading for my second HUGE mug full right now. Heeeee!! :D

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May 2nd, '08, 11:57
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by olivierco » May 2nd, '08, 11:57

Matcha (usacha and koicha), gyokuro, sencha, houjicha
April was definitively green with a taint of Darjeeling.

This morning Yunnna golden tips and now some sencha karigane.

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May 2nd, '08, 11:59
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by TimeforTea » May 2nd, '08, 11:59

Good question.
I would say that white peach was my favorite tea in April.

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May 2nd, '08, 12:01
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by joelbct » May 2nd, '08, 12:01

While I love my good red/blacks, if I had to pick one of the listed choices, it would be that vast and noble category known as "green," and to narrow it down further, Japanese Green.

I still enjoy the occasional Dragon Well and such, but more and more, Matcha and Sencha are my staples, with Keemun, Yunnan, and Fujian Blacks/Reds coming in second as my morning tea.

Currently drinking specialteas Golden Buddha Fujian Red.