Saturday's TeaDay 5/03/08

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ThinkingOutLoud accidently gave me this one. Do you change your teas with the seasons?

Yes, my tea tastes do change with the seasons.
No, my tea tastes do not change with the seasons.
Total votes: 45

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May 3rd, '08, 04:56
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Saturday's TeaDay 5/03/08

by Chip » May 3rd, '08, 04:56

Yesterday by a narrow margin, green tea was the favorite tea in the month of April. Oolong was right behind followed by black. You may still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

As always, welcome one and all to TeaDay, brew some tea and come share what is in your cup with all of us...all day. Be sure to check out what is in everyone else's cup as well...that is pretty amazing. If you need to, reflect back on your TeaDay.

Today's Teapoll and discussion topic was somewhat accidently suggested to me by ThinkingOutLoud. So, do your tea tastes change as the seasons it a natural progression, a conscious decision...subconscious. Have your tastes started to change maybe already with Spring in the air?

I am looking forward to hearing what is in your cup today! Have a great Saturday.

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May 3rd, '08, 05:01
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by tenuki » May 3rd, '08, 05:01



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May 3rd, '08, 05:02
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by Chip » May 3rd, '08, 05:02

tenuki wrote:FP!

yes. are stalking me... :wink: Anything for the FP.


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May 3rd, '08, 05:53
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by olivierco » May 3rd, '08, 05:53

My tastes change during the year, but not because of the seasons.

This morning Yunnan Golden tips with breakfast. Now houchija with my lunch.

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May 3rd, '08, 06:26
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by Terrasi » May 3rd, '08, 06:26

I chose other because at this point it time, it makes it 33% in each option.

No really, I chose other because I don't know yet, I haven't been avid about tea long enough to know if I'll crave dragonwell come winter.

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May 3rd, '08, 07:24
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by henley » May 3rd, '08, 07:24

Hmm... Not sure if mine is a change is seasons or change in tastes. But there are a couple of teas I haven't had since the weather has gotten warmer.

Off to start the day w/a pot of oolong #8.

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May 3rd, '08, 07:30
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by omegapd » May 3rd, '08, 07:30

Nope, but then I don't settle on one certain tea all the time either. I like to have an unflavored black in the mornings after work, another black tea after a nap (this is usually a small pot with something flavored like Adagio's Cream) and then I drink greens at work. It's a routine that works for me and gives me plenty of diversity during the day.

Uncle Lee's Premium Green Tea (China) at work today but thinking of my favorite Yixing with some Adagio's Irish Breakfast when I get home in the next 30 mins. :wink:


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May 3rd, '08, 07:33
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 3rd, '08, 07:33

Wow ... I inspired a poll! How fun!

Yes, as Chip knows, my tea tastes have changed from Winter to Spring. In Winter, I find myself gravitating to black spiced teas: orange, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. That is also the season when I might try more smooth and sweet teas: vanilla, chocolate, almond. With the advent of Spring, I find myself drinking much more green and white tea and I crave lemon, spiking my black teas with lots of lemon juice.

This morning, I am digging into my Yunnan Gold sample and finding it quite smoky, maybe too much for my Spring tastes. I haven't decided yet. Oh, and of course I have spiked it with lemon juice. :wink:

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May 3rd, '08, 09:32
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by Ron Gilmour » May 3rd, '08, 09:32

I don't think my tastes change much with the seasons, although I think I do tend to drink a greater volume of tea when it's cold.

This morning I'm finishing up my tin of Harney's organic Assam.

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May 3rd, '08, 09:41
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by witches brew » May 3rd, '08, 09:41

My preference changes from hot tea to iced tea as the seasons change, but my choice of teas and tisanes doesn't really change. I will drink the same fruity/minty tisanes and will probably continue with a bit of green and white tea all year long.

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May 3rd, '08, 09:47
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by witches brew » May 3rd, '08, 09:47

I forgot to mention that I was drinking a lemongrass rosehips and hibiscus tisane, which needs a small bit of honey in it, but I am too lazy to add it, so I am making faces at it instead.

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May 3rd, '08, 10:14
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by olivierco » May 3rd, '08, 10:14

Darjeeling Puttabong 2007 SFTGFOP1 right now, waiting for the 2008 still on its way to my mailbox.

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May 3rd, '08, 10:30
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by CynTEAa » May 3rd, '08, 10:30

My tea tastes do change with the seasons. More Darjeeling and green tea of all sorts this time of year when they are so fresh. Then summer more oolongs. Autumn heartier black teas like high end Assams and spiced stuff.

Today had some Yunnan Gold, as usual and then another Nepal First Flush. This one was lighter, floral with a for sweet nut-like note. Interesting!

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May 3rd, '08, 11:10
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by Salsero » May 3rd, '08, 11:10

So far today, Shan Lin Xi in celebration of National Oolong Month.
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May 3rd, '08, 11:14
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by TimeforTea » May 3rd, '08, 11:14

I already see my tea tastes changing, even though I have only gone through two seasons with tea. Jasmine pearls is delightful to brew during a fresh spring morning. Of course "grass clippings" are nice to brew this time of year as well. :wink:

Additionally, I forsee drinking much more fruity teas during the summer.

When I was a coffee drinker, I used to enjoy spicey or nutty flavors during autumn, and creamy soothing flavors such as french vanilla or coconut during winter. My tastes definitely change with the NE US seasons.

This morning, I brewed apricot green. What can I say, I like flavored drinks. :oops: