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May 6th, '08, 20:24
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Hello there

by ben » May 6th, '08, 20:24


My name is Ben and I'm from Newcastle in England. I've only recently got into tea and coffee, I always wondered what all the fuss was about and after trying Starbucks for the first time and getting myself a few bit and pieces from Adagio I must say I'm hooked. I ordered a black tea starter set and a herbal sampler, absolutely loving the starter set, the ingenuiTEA is awesome and the guide to tea book really explained everything so well.

Tried a couple of different teas so far, not so keen on earl grey or 'sour apple' but the rooibos jasmine, English and Irish breakfast are fantastic (was a little interesting as both the English and Irish breakfast came labeled as 'English breakfast' but i was able to distinguish them by the slight difference in colour).

Looking forward to placing my next order, think I'll try some blends next time.


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May 6th, '08, 20:27
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by Victoria » May 6th, '08, 20:27

Welcome Ben!
Don't forget to stop by TeaDay and let us know what is in your cup!

You might want to try some oolongs too.

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May 6th, '08, 20:58
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by olivierco » May 6th, '08, 20:58

Welcome here!

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May 6th, '08, 21:04
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by Salsero » May 6th, '08, 21:04

Do check in at TeaDay. You can find out just what strange stuff people wind up drinking to feed their habits. In fact, you can go right to the Puerh Forum, Taste of Mellow sticky thread and you may find enough reason to escape now while you are still able.

Or... if you just want to have fun, check out the oolong folks. They are constantly giggling. It's shameful.

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May 6th, '08, 23:18
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by joelbct » May 6th, '08, 23:18

From England, and just getting into tea! ;)

Well my friend you have come to the right place, vast magnitudes of tea-knowledge inhabit this very forum.

BTW, some of my favorite black tea types are Assam, Golden Yunnan, and good Keemun, and China Fujian Reds, to be rather broad. If/as you get more into tea and cultivate your tastes, you will likely discover particular varieties and vendors that you enjoy.

Welcome and happy-tea-drinking

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May 9th, '08, 03:29
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by Chip » May 9th, '08, 03:29

Welcome Ben to TeaChat. I hope you stop by TeaDay and share what is in your cup by CLICKING HERE

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May 9th, '08, 03:39
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Re: Hello there

by chamekke » May 9th, '08, 03:39

Welcome to TeaChat, Ben! Nice to see someone from Newcastle on the forum. (And may I just say that the Magpies rock :wink: )

Sounds like you've had a great experience with Adagio. I tried them for the first time last month and was very impressed. I'm more of a green tea fan myself, but some of the TeaChat regulars have marked several of Adagio's black teas as personal favourites. So I know there are some heavy-duty black tea drinkers about who will be happy to give you further recommendations if you'd like!

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