New tea room in NYC

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Nov 23rd, '05, 19:23

New tea room in NYC

by dotant » Nov 23rd, '05, 19:23

The new Tea Room in the East Village, NYC

Tea Inspired Menu with Exotic Tea and Liquor Concoctions

European and Asian Cuisine
Liquor and Wines
Tea Ceremonies World Over

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Nov 24th, '05, 19:23
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by Serenity » Nov 24th, '05, 19:23

Does this link work? It keeps taking me to my email and requesting info.... :(

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Nov 25th, '05, 18:34
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by Serenity » Nov 25th, '05, 18:34

I saw a picture too and clicked on it thinking it would take me inside, well that didnt happen...LOL

Dont like it when people post url's and they dont work
... :cry:

Mar 10th, '06, 13:59
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by Jazz » Mar 10th, '06, 13:59

Wow, looks really cool. I live in the NYC area, so I'll be visiting it soon. Thanks for posting! :D

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Mar 11th, '06, 20:26
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by peachaddict » Mar 11th, '06, 20:26

The link worked for me. i saw two people at a table and the word "enter". When i clicked on it, it showed their website. Sounds kinda neat. Too bad i live over in the Southwest!

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