Grand Tea Garden in China

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Nov 27th, '05, 04:01

Grand Tea Garden in China

by Korrina » Nov 27th, '05, 04:01


Let me introduce myself, I am the sales person of Grand Tea Garden trading company in Guangzhou, China. We are selling all kinds of tea here and especially we are the expert at Puh-Ehr tea, we are the partner and qualified distributor of the Li Ming Tea factory which located in the home town of Puh-Ehr tea, the Yunan provice, so we are confident with our tea's quanlity and competative prices.

Our company / family has a long history with tea, my father in law is a business man of tea from the year of 1980, we have run the business over 20 years and our business grows bigger and bigger as the result of good credit and quanlified tea, we are familiar with import and export in China. We are located in Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Trading Market in Guangzhou City, Guangdong provice, China.

Any inquiry of tea is always welcome.

Best regards.

Korrina Feng
Grand Tea Garden

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Nov 27th, '05, 08:03
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by Robert Marotz » Nov 27th, '05, 08:03

I think this is what experts refer to as an "advertisement"...

...but I could be wrong.

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Nov 27th, '05, 11:36
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by teaspoon » Nov 27th, '05, 11:36

Haha, yeah, shameless plug... Ah, that makes me laugh. But hey, who knows, maybe that's just her way of saying "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm _____."

Korrina, if you're here to chat, welcome! If you're here to advertize, I'll just kindly point out that spamming and shameless plugging is not generally smiled upon. Just thought somebody should warn you...


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