opening a loose tea store

Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Oct 30th, '05, 20:58

opening a loose tea store

by gshpe » Oct 30th, '05, 20:58

does anyone know of any tea franchises or any start up advice? i am very interested in opening a loose tea

Nov 28th, '05, 07:27
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loose tea shop

by Misstea » Nov 28th, '05, 07:27

I am just about 3 days away from opening my own tea shop. It was very difficult to find much information about it. If it is something you are thinking about doing, I assume you enjoy tea and know enough about it to sell it so I say go by what you like and get input from people in your area, as to what types of tea they like to drink. One big thing is your budget. If you have unlimited funds, buy a wide selection of teas, some from each of the different classes of tea. If you are on a budget, I suggest starting out with the classics, (English favorites, Green teas you like and branch out to those less heard about. Then you can sell the things people will need to drink them. My delima is what to charge. Any one have ideas on how to arrive at charges????
Lastly, noone paied me to say this but, Adagio has wonderful sampler sets. I bought one of each to test out and went from there. Hope this helps.


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