TUESDAY TeaDay 5/13/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Let's mix it up, do you do any of your own blending, or have a Signature blend?

Yes, I blend some of my own teas
Yes, I have at least one Signature Blend
Yes, I have blended my own and have a Signature Blend
No, I have not blended nor have a Signature Blend
Total votes: 60

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May 13th, '08, 03:55
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TUESDAY TeaDay 5/13/08

by Chip » May 13th, '08, 03:55

Yesterday, the majority of TeaChatters indicated that they have trashed bad teas. You can still vote or discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome everyone to TeaDay, brew some tea and share what is in your cup today, all day. Don't forget to check out what is in everyone else's cup as well. You can also reflect back on your TeaDay if you need to.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is all about blending. So, whether you physically blend or have created your own Signature Blend, share with us about your blending experiences.

I am as always looking forward to seeing everyone on TeaDay! Bottoms up...refill.
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May 13th, '08, 04:00
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by olivierco » May 13th, '08, 04:00

No blending experiment so far.

This morning keemun with my breakfast

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May 13th, '08, 04:13
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by bi lew chun » May 13th, '08, 04:13

If iced tea counts, I've have blended white+green with various fruits/fruit juices. I don't think I'd ever try blending two good teas together, though. I was kind of turned off to blended teas after trying Stash's Tea of A Thousand Charms.

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May 13th, '08, 04:14
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by Salsero » May 13th, '08, 04:14

Little Piggy has been hiding for some time now due to the thoughtless and inappropriate references some people made to bacon during one of those moments when the moderators’ backs were turned. Well, I can certainly sympathize with him for that. I was suprised last Friday, Dizzwave inquired after Little Piggy, having noticed his absence from the big world of TeaChat. Well, I was surprised to learn that the dear little porcine has a fan club, even if it consists of only one member, so I have cajoled him into making another appearance in the bright lights. It wasn’t so hard actually, since I was serving this shu and he is a big pu pig.


The wildflowers are (I think) Fleabane. At least I am sure they are not Pigbane. I have set out an extra cup in case a TeaChatter stops by.

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May 13th, '08, 04:17
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by Terrasi » May 13th, '08, 04:17

I blend the tea I don't like enough to drink on it's own. It partially boredom, partially me trying to make use of the less desirable teas.

Today I had citron green, reminded me of fruit loops.

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May 13th, '08, 04:21
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by Trioxin » May 13th, '08, 04:21

Not so much blending here. Every once in a while I might add some saffron or sage to a tea, but thats about it.

Very nice photo's lately King Sal. I'm going to have to crack out my camera someday and try to show you up. What are you shooting with by the way?

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May 13th, '08, 06:21
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by olivierco » May 13th, '08, 06:21

Chip is back!

Houjicha with my lunch.

I have just ordered some shincha traditional from hibiki-an and matcha SP, Miyabi from O-cha and a Koicha chasen Chuu Araho 48 Prong.

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May 13th, '08, 07:59
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by Trey Winston » May 13th, '08, 07:59

I usually don't like blending anything. I don't like rum and coke, I dislike whisky and soda, I prefer my gin and tonic in two different glasses, and the only martini I like is when the bottle of gin was once briefly glanced at by someone who had only vaguely heard of vermouth.

It's the same with teas. I like to keep them separate.

Approaching the bottom of my tin of SN. Time to order some 2008 stuff.

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May 13th, '08, 08:03
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 13th, '08, 08:03

I can't really say I blend. I do occasionally throw some blood orange in with my irish breakfast or some casablanca twist in with my white peony, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm doing anything as scientific or artsy as *blending.* Maybe I don't understand the science or the art or maybe <gasp> I'm overthinking it. Say it ain't so.

Monk's Blend this morning, courtesy of Henley. :D I'm just a few sips in, so jury's out, but thus far it seems really earthy and I like that.

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May 13th, '08, 08:08
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by Beidao » May 13th, '08, 08:08

I'm trying to get some schoolwork done and drinkning tea. Of course...

So far I've had Yunnan, Yunnan Gold, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. The Nilgiri went cold so I'm drinking it that way, not too bad at all. But time for something more!

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May 13th, '08, 08:48
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by omegapd » May 13th, '08, 08:48

Tried it once or twice and will leave it to the experts from here on out...

Adagio's Irish Breakfast to start off my morning today...


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May 13th, '08, 09:09
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by Aphroditea » May 13th, '08, 09:09

I actually do a lot of blending at home and online ;)

I do it for a couple reasons - sometimes there is a tea I don't much care for which can be blended with another to make a pretty good cup of tea and I like all kinds of tea and blending teas just keeps adding to my choices.

It is fun. I have 14 Signature Blends!
http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/l ... lTop=11537

Firefly has gotten lots of attention and that has been really neat. Wedding Cake and Parisian are on the Featured Blends section and that is wicked cool.

I also make dessert teas as a way to help feed my sweet tooth without actually downing a lot of calories!! Creme Brulee is fantastic for that!

Nothing steeping yet.....I haven't made up my mind yet on what it will be yet. :)[/url]

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May 13th, '08, 09:32
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by witches brew » May 13th, '08, 09:32

I blend my own tisanes, trying to come up with a palatable brew that is also magical in its intent. I haven't come up with any Signature Blends, because the range of herbal teas doesn't quite mesh with the herbs I would use.

In my cup right now, nothing very inspiring. Oh, to be home with my shincha...

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May 13th, '08, 09:35
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by henley » May 13th, '08, 09:35

My blending goes back to when I was still drinking grocery store tea bags. I'd throw in a vanilla bag w/Bigelow's plantation mint. It's sooooo much better now that I use loose leaf tea & fresh spearmint! I don't drink it as often as I used to but it's still a favorite.

Had a little tasting party last night courtesy of TOL. :D While several of you enjoy TKY, it tasted too much like green tea for me to enjoy. I will be sticking w/the darker oolongs & placing the TKY in the box pass when it comes to me. The Bolero sample wasn't bad. Hubby liked it so I'll be keeping it for him.

Enjoyed a cuppa orange blossom oolong this morning w/bfast. Anybody else drinking that today? :wink:

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May 13th, '08, 09:37
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by joelbct » May 13th, '08, 09:37

Well I made iced tea with bai mudan and sencha mixed together once, not sure if that counts.

And this morning I am drinking.... coffee!! Am I banned ;)?