WEDNESDAY TeaDay, 5/14/08

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What is the one positively worst tea you have ever had? Was it a...

White or yellow
Flavored or scented Tea
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May 14th, '08, 03:43
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WEDNESDAY TeaDay, 5/14/08

by Chip » May 14th, '08, 03:43

Yesterday, in a deadheat, TeaChatters were split on whether they had blended their own teas (and/or created a Signature Blend) or not. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome one and all to TeaDay, brew some tea and come share what is in your cup today..all day! Make sure you check out what other TeaChatters are drinking as well. You can also reflect back on your TeaDay if you need to.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is positively negative! What is the singular WORST tea you ever had the displeasure of trying, not including the random bad cup out somewhere...this is a tea that you either purchased or received as a gift. What happened to it?

I will see YOU on TeaDay! Bottoms up...refill!!!

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May 14th, '08, 04:04
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by scruffmcgruff » May 14th, '08, 04:04

Worst ever: Bigelow "Taste of the Tropics Herb Tea."

So, so bad. I received it as a gift and promptly threw it out, the gifter being fully aware of its atrocious taste.

It's a bit early for tea now, but I'm sure I'll have some O-Cha Yukata Midori shincha today (well, tomorrow, it's only 10:04 here).

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May 14th, '08, 04:37
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by omegapd » May 14th, '08, 04:37

Good Earth's Original Blend. It was a non-descript black tea with cinnamon and jasmine flavorings plus about 10 other herbs. Awful awful stuff...

A close second is any Rooibos I've tried.

This morning some bagged Ito-En sencha mixed with matcha at work.


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May 14th, '08, 04:42
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by Salsero » May 14th, '08, 04:42

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe), fruit of the Wuyi Mountains in northern Anxi Province. Oxidized, roasted and peachy. I’d like to thank my curvaceous young assistant for her help with post production decisions on this photo and Mother Nature (and the lady who does my garden) for the Pentas.


Once again, an extra cup in case a TeaChatter comes visiting.
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May 14th, '08, 04:49
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by Terrasi » May 14th, '08, 04:49

A black tea. the earl gray I grew up with.


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May 14th, '08, 06:03
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by olivierco » May 14th, '08, 06:03

The worst teas I ever had tried were flavored teas.

This morning, Yunnan golden tips.

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May 14th, '08, 06:26
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by Space Samurai » May 14th, '08, 06:26

Langer's Sencha. It didn't even taste remotely like tea, just a thick, viscous, sugary bucket of piss.

I chose other because for me its always the over-sweetened RTD's that food companies try to sell as "tea."

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May 14th, '08, 07:13
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 14th, '08, 07:13

Rooibos, hands down. Straight down the sink with the remainder straight into the bin. Gross. Accolades to all who love it.

Brewing a pot of Irish Breakfast in my triniTEA, which I hope I did not just damage by running one full cycle with tea leaves, but no water. Surely, the entire day will not run like that? :roll:

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May 14th, '08, 09:00
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by Aphroditea » May 14th, '08, 09:00

Twinings Apple Cinnamon Raisin....

I really don't think I need to write any more. I did not dump the cup tho, I just added about 1.5 tblsps of honey and finished it off. Luckily it was a tea I was having at a friend's place and not one I had bought. I also had a Scottish Breakfast once that was not very good - but I think that was more the way the person prepared it - I swear that stuff had steeped for 20 minutes!!!

On this hard to get going morning......fukamushi :)

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May 14th, '08, 09:21
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by hop_goblin » May 14th, '08, 09:21

Some flavored Chinese black tea flavored with rose essence.. Not petals but essence! Gross.. I bought it at a local grocery store

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May 14th, '08, 09:43
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by Victoria » May 14th, '08, 09:43

I voted herbal - It was some herbal that tasted like boiled straw and grass. But now that I'm thinking more clearly the worst for me was probably Cherry Rooibos.

Keemun in my breakfast cup.

Have a nice day all!
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May 14th, '08, 09:45
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by witches brew » May 14th, '08, 09:45

The worst tea for me was a herbal blend from Rishi. Thankfully, I no longer see it in their offerings. It had ginger, hibiscus and a few other ingredients. I found out that I detest the taste of steeped ginger, so that was my worst tea experience ever. That's the same tea that came to mind when we were talking about throwing away tea.

This morning, genmaicha in my cup.

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May 14th, '08, 09:46
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by auggy » May 14th, '08, 09:46

A yerba mate teabag my mom had (for what reason I do not know). I can't even begin to describe the horrid. Blech. Not that I'm a big fan anyway, but then to put it in a teabag...

No tea this morning. Was running late and even now, over an hour after getting up, my brain isn't functioning enough to actually brew something. I dread to look in my lunch bag to see what I brought today. I don't remember. :oops:

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May 14th, '08, 10:13
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by jazz88 » May 14th, '08, 10:13

The worst ever – common yarrow which my grandma used to give me when I had a cold. Yuck!

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May 14th, '08, 10:19
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by henley » May 14th, '08, 10:19

At the risk of being banned, anything green!!! {ducks} Sorry to all of you who are crazy about it but I can't get past the fishy smell & taste. I've tried apr 5 different ones & even a green oolong but they were all very unpleasant.

Made a pot of Organic Monk's Blend this morning. Need something a little strong as I didn't sleep well last night. Had a crazy dream about talking to a vampire... :twisted: